Ho Sit Down!!! And Cry Me A River… Kat Stacks Is Still Thirsty Dancing For Attention From Behind Bars

- By Bossip Staff

This broad right here… SMH This chick is using her “computer time” in lockup to do the only thing her bird brain ever figured out besides guzzling nut, getting slizzed, riding the pole and spreading her legs.


People are sending money to this slutbucket??? SMH.

The thirst gets worse btw…

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    • Ummm...

      PLEASE let her 15 minutes be over. Ery time u post about her it extends her time. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE STOP POSTING ABOUT THIS NON-MOTHER-EFFING FACTOR. PLEASE. that is all.

  • Jaz

    A P.O. Box is hardly an address… But whatever I hate her too.

    • buggin_out

      exactly. ain’t nobody breaking into po boxes.

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  • Reality

    She needs Jesus.

  • luVn_liFe

    and Dayum she’s still in Immigration and Naturalization Services Custody???

  • homicidalbrainiac

    Who is this woman? I’m sure I could google but I’m not *that* interested…I live in LA, but I’ve never heard of Trout…just one of the perks of never being incarcerated, I suppose…don’t know why, but I’m tempted to send her a dog poop…

  • betty black_the vixen

    Just out of curiosity…i thought when a person who wasnt a citizen gave birth to a child on US soil they basically become a citizen by “default”…so how can they possibly deport her?…correct me if I’m wrong please…but don’t believe the hype…this h.o.e isn’t going anywhere

  • Carmen

    @Betty_Black, that’s only true if you maintain custody. She lost hers to her mother a while ago. so her mom is the legal guardian and can stay in the US, plus you have to maintain certain rules, and since she’s been arrested before she’s probably an automatic candidate for deportation (these cases take years to go through)

  • rene

    Why is she in jail? Who is taking care of her child?

    • Lolo


    • w

      I’m going to need u to crawl from up under that rock…reading is fundamental!

  • Nana

    Lmaooo @Lolo……! Why does she look like a hoarse in that picture? Lol

    • omggggggggggggg

      Nana where is ur pic u want to judge lets take a look at your dumbazz

  • betty black_the vixen

    @angie…trust me from experience…people are doing it

  • lani3000

    I still hold her in the HIGHEST REGARD!!

  • ~ChynaPeach~[Team Nymphis]

    I was really hoping I would never see that name again. Once again my dreams a crushed. Gosh she looks like a Possum. I wish she would walk in front of my car so I could run her over and get 1000 points.

  • still a blaze

    @nana…spelling is fundamental,(horse)

  • Louisiana Lickable Lips

    Lawd, she here in Louisiana??!!!

  • rene

    There are a lot of people here illegally. And! Why was she chose to spend time (a lot of time I must say)in jail? Most of the people who are here illegally live in apartments one after another. They know where they are living.

  • me

    yes they send he money…when will u IDIOTS get it….Men will do ANYTHING for pu$$y….Paying for it…even if its locked up….she can screw 1 million dudes bareback in one night….some guy will come and pay top dollar to be the one millionth and one.

  • QueenBee

    Ugh! What a loser. So she’s basically in so many words sayin nobody gives a f that she locked up except sexual preditors and extra thirsty dried up old men and they’re the only ones sendin her sh*t?? Y do ppl that get locked up feel like u owe em something? I highly doubt that if she was on the outside and a friend of hers was locked up, she’d be sending letters&money. She would do that same twitter sh*t…. Hypocrite!

  • Sha

    Wow…well at least she’s a live and well I guess…I kinda missed her nutty a$$

  • http://www.twitter.com/mscreative1 mscreative

    That trick need $$$ to buy some food and sh*t paper while shes in jail!

  • Summer

    lame post!!!

  • Xclusive

    She Need Jesus…Smdh

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