Making It Rain On Them Hoes: NBA Ballers That Clocked More Fetti Than Michael Jordan

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Michael Jordan might be the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) but he definitely didn’t get paid like it!

We all know Mike has made damn near a billion dollars through his various endorsements and business ventures. But as far as his NBA contracts were concerned, he was far from the highest paid of all time despite his greatness. We’ve compiled a short list of the most “ballinest ballers” for you to see who is the cash king.

Career Earnings: $183,544,536

Timmy might be the greatest power forward to ever lace ’em up, and he’s earned a nice chunk of change down in San Antonio.

Career Earnings: $154,494,445

AI is probably the most loved and hated athlete to ever play in the NBA, but despite his polarizing character the corporate vultures ate it up.

Career Earnings: $159,215,640

Lets just be honest. Jermaine was a pretty good player, now he’s a shell of himself, and he’s basically stolen a majority of this money. But hey, it’s all in the game…

Career Earnings: $270,115,354

KG has been gettin’ gwap for a long time, and has been just as consistent on the court.

Career Earnings: $174,464,468

JKidd has played for a few different teams in her career, but best believe they all had to pay him top dollar to keep him.

Career Earnings: $196,190,615

He’s made a bunch of money, but he’s still a terror to the a**es of white women everywhere…

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    Career Earnings: $156,758,400

    Sheeeeeeeeeeeed! The volatile power forward has always played with maximum effort and big heart and those attributes have helped keep his bank account full.

    Career Earnings: $292,198,327

    One of his nicknames should have been “The Big ATM”. Homie is a cash cow, hands down.

    Career Earnings: $161,626,097

    Although he’s been injured most of his career for one reason or another, T-Mac’s talent was undeniable and in his prime was easily one of the best players in the league. You gotta pay like you weigh for that kinda talent.

    Career Earnings: $178,230,697

    At one point CWebb was the highest paid player in professional sports and as the #1 pick in the ’93 draft and leading the Sacramento Kings to several successful seasons and play-off runs no one can say he didn’t earn it.

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      That may be true, but MJ is a BRAND! The real question is: Will these players be able to create the legacy that MJ created? I seriously doubt that most can measure up. Not that he is one to look at when it comes to high moral standards.

      I’d like to see a player who creates a brand similar to MJ’s, stays faithful to his wife and helps the community.

    • Magister Veritatis (RNI)

      Wrong! M.J. made $30 million a season in Chicago after ending his first retirement. He never signed multi year contracts. He preferred one year deals so he could make more money.

    • JM@gic

      For starters you cant compare them when you dont post Jordans basketball earnings,and AI is practically broke,and im sure alot of them are almost broke,considering these numbers are before taxes

    • Kendra

      The reason why all of those guys got those fat paychecks is because of MJ. He took the NBA to another level in many ways just like Tiger Woods did for golf.

    • Shilee

      1st MJ is a BILLIONAIRE!!!!!

      2nd MJ used to split his contracts with his TEAMMATES because he was gettin soo much money in endorsements & he didn’t want to loose anyone because of money, he did what he could to keep his team together. #LOOKITUP!

      3rd the money in contracts is different NOW than THEN, & ALL them players have MJ to thank because of it.

      • DNunn

        This is the best of all the reasons and analysis. I was never a Bulls fan, but I always respected MJ for his unselfishness. I am sure he learned a portion of this online with Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. TEAM= Together Everyone Accomplishes More.

    • Reality

      Jordan was underpaid for many years…besides that take into account that inflation of prices call for many of the players after Jordan to get paid more money. The devaluation of the dollar means a larger salary silly people. next…

    • paco101

      when jordan was playing he choose to take less money so the team could bring in better players 2 help win championship

    • bshipp1

      you have to remember jordan came in the league what 84 85 nobody was making the change they making now so this isn’t a fair comparasion.. 2 mj is the reason way the players of today are getting big checks. if you go back jordan was only doing 1yr contracts and those 1yr contracts range from 30 to 36 mil a year.. yes lb and kobe and d wade have nice contracts but at the end of the day there not bringing home 30 to 36 mil a yr like mj did

    • Boxy Brown

      In terms of Money,none of these guys are making what Jordan made.NBA contracts are paid out twice a month during the course of the season with additional smaller checks that get paid out during the playoffs. As big as the numbers look on paper,after taxes,agent percentages and other numerous expenses,most of theses dudes usually end up like Iverson,36 years old playing overseas trying to maintain their lifestyle. The money Jordan made OUTSIDE of basketball was 24/365 in an era that didn’t have 24/7 news coverage,internet blogs and many other entities that players today has,meaning none of theses dudes will ever be able to rise to the money level that Jordan reached.

    • lt

      even though today’s players are making more cheese salary wise than michael jordan did but the GOAT is a brand name and doesn’t he have part ownership in one of those nba teams? i would say he’s the one making it rain.

    • LaWhat

      It’s not how much you made, it’s what is left after the career is overrrrrr???

    • Ilovekat


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