Dwyane “Single Daddy” Wade Speaks On His One Parent Household And How His Ex Was Unfit To Care For Their Sons

- By Bossip Staff

Dwyane Wade wrote a blog on Newsweek about his “Life as an NBA Superstar Single Dad”:

There are a few words that come to mind when I think about the past couple years of my life: challenging, rewarding, transformative—they roll off the tip of my tongue in an instant. In the span of a year my two good friends LeBron James and Chris Bosh joined me on the Miami Heat, I struggled through a painful, public divorce, and I became the full-time parent to my two young sons, Zaire and Zion.

On why he decided to be a single father:

I was seriously motivated to be a full-time parent for my sons. My mother and father weren’t together when I was a kid growing up in Chicago, and early on my mother fell victim to drug abuse. At 9 years old, I moved in with my father because my mother could no longer care for me. Looking back, I now see so many similarities between my own childhood and that of my sons. My father stepped in when I needed him, and that gave me the chance for a better life. That’s what I’m doing for my boys now.

All children need their fathers, but boys especially need fathers to teach them how to be men. I remember wanting that so badly before I went to live with my dad. I wanted someone to teach me how to tie a tie and walk the walk, things only a man can teach a boy. Of course, back then, I never could have imagined being in the same situation someday with my own kids.

On his “hopes” to get along with ex-wife:

Thankfully, I’ve gotten a lot of support from my mother, sister, and others in taking care of my boys and making their new living arrangements a smooth and happy transition. Going forward, I want my sons to have a healthy relationship with their mother, and that’s something we’re working on. I hope to have a great relationship with her one day too, because I know how much it meant to me to see my parents get along as time went on.

On Men stepping up and doing their part:

I can’t say what we’ll do for Father’s Day, because since my sons came to live with me about two months ago, every day has been like Father’s Day. I just want people—men, and men of color in particular—to hear my story and know that their children need them and that it’s their responsibility to be there for them. We have to step up as men and do our part. There are no excuses.

Good for D-Wade, now all he needs to do is get his boy Bron Bron to do his part and step up to play basketball like a man!

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  • http://www.tierraallen.com Tierra

    Great that he’s taking care of his kids, sad how it came about and how he did Siovaughn in the process.

  • G.M.

    so few comments on here, huh…NOT SURPRISING, not much opportunity for the bitter fat broad baby mamas to say much on this one…this is what happens when a man WANTS TO BE A FATHER, GUESS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN U GET PREGNANT BY ONE WHO DOESN’T lol XD

  • Dolo

    Yeah, you can respect that he takes care of his but Dude (and all you other Cats out there), before you slide up in somebody, why dont you find out who it is first. Common Sense is Golden (and saves a life full of Headaches or Should’ves.

  • luVn_liFE

    Nice,Good to know Wade didnt just give up and Put up with the Nuttiness of ShioVaugghn.
    He says that his dad stepped in and guided him.
    that isnt true.He was living with his Ex-wife and her parents and they helped him through his tough times and while they we’ren going to Marquette.
    That paragraph is a bunch of KaKa Wade!”

  • glna

    G.M aka gay male stop fall back no wade is not going to do you…u uterus hater..lol

    Wade azz will be in full blast by January by CPPS. Gabby ain’t no step mama.

  • derek.d

    That’s a good look D. Wade. Women can’t teach a boy how to be a man… Yes, you can have a mother who loves you but it’s still not the same. Especially if she doesn’t know anything about men herself…

    What was up with his wife? Was she just regular, “baby mama crazy” or was she “lithium dose crazy?”

  • http://www.bossip.com 5150

    You won so stop throwing shade!

  • negro please

    we are giving this dude kudos for wanting to be a dad? *in shonuff’s voice* n.*** please

  • Venus vs Mars

    It’s good to see men like Wade stepping up to the plate. You can see he’s a good father that really loves his sons.

  • ladyscholar

    Wow. So um… this is not the rule but the exception? We applaud a man for being a parent. Hmm… speaking as a 26 yr old woman with a father and step father who both were/are active, loving and supportive people in my life I don’t see the big deal. Is this uncommon?

  • Fancu

    He won because hw had the bigger bank account ,he doesnt mention how his ex’s family took care of him all through high school.I dont findhis actions admirable just sad that had to be so spitefull to bad she didnt fit with the new image

  • Key

    Well CONGRATULATIONS a man being a father to his son. Thats what the #%*# you are supposed to do!

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