Keep Dreamin’ Buddy: Allen Iverson Wants To Come Back To The NBA

- By Bossip Staff

No pun intended, but this is a pipe dream.

Allen Iverson, who won the NBA MVP in 2001, has spent the last couple of years playing overseas because no other NBA team wanted to sign him. But, at age 36, he’s ready to make a return.

“Just give me a training camp,” he told ESPN. “Maybe I’ve rubbed people the wrong way as far as saying the things I’ve said in my life and in my career. But if any team needs me to help try and win a championship in any capacity, I’m waiting.”

Iverson left the league amidst controversy dealing with his party habits and a messy divorce. Recent reports have claimed that Iverson has struggled with drinking problems and money issues, which would explain his desire to come back.

Maybe A.I. should have just saved up, because we doubt anyone is picking him up.

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  • http://bossip adina

    Allen iverson is so fine I been wanting him forever

  • exception to the rule

    Its, just practice… Not a game… Practice

  • Point Blank

    He’s an a@*hole in person. Very shallow and thinks all women want is his money not that they’re true fans. Not to mention his crew, exudes ignorance and are chauvinist just because of him and his status.

    Girl, trust u can do better.

  • Call a spade a spade

    If he comes back to the NBA and is ready to be a team player then yes he should be come back. Maybe playing overseas has humbled him.

  • white male

    Smart to get out of the middle east right now, although it might be more profitable to play in china

  • The one and only

    He will get another chance, Miami could use him he can score more than eight points.


    @point blank SOOO TRUE!! He is very rude in person. I was a true AI fan since Georgetown but once he opened his mouth, I was done.

  • Santana

    Omg 717dreamgirl you took the words out of my mouth! I loved him since 97. Met him in march in atlanta and gave his jersey to my dog when i got home


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