For Discussion: Should Weiner Flashing-Congressman’s Pregnant Wife Stay With Him???

- By Bossip Staff

Would you leave your new husband if he was caught up in a political sexting scandal?

Congressman Anthony Weiner has dominated the news headlines for the last couple of weeks, thanks to all that sexting he’s been doing with multiple jawns. The latest development is that his newlywed wife of 11-months Huma Abedin is three months pregnant.

Ironically enough Abedin is also an aide for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and has a very close relationship since the two have been working together for the last 15 years, so the whole world has been speculating that Hillary may be giving Huma advice.

Here’s a lil more info: Huma is 34-years-old, born in Kalamazoo, Michigan and raised in Saudi Arabia. She’s the daughter of an Iranian-Indian father and a Pakistani mother. And according to reports she knew before marrying Weiner that he was kind of a skanky guy who liked sexting. With all this in mind, especially her gut full of human, should she bounce???

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  • Shanice

    If I see the word “Weiner” one more time on this site I’m gonna flip out.

  • jabgar00

    typical white guy! atleast yall having sympathy for him cuz if he was blk was wouldn’t have voted it’s a private matter yall would be screaming for her to leave him blk men ain’t shit! It’s crazy how it’s a double standard!

  • Call a spade a spade

    Uhhhhhh…can someone say Maria Shriver? She was fully aware of Schwarzeneger’s flandering ways yet she still married him.

  • gina

    Plz black females don’t leave….dude gets tired of abusing they azz then leave! Still private and ain’t going get better he is crazzy!! Been doing that madness forever

  • sas_sy

    to each its own…even tho we can see what she SHOULD do…we really dont know all the info…i just hope she makes the best decision especially since there is a child involved….

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