C’Mon Son: Man Finds $17K Cash And Did What With It?

- By Bossip Staff

Imagine finding a plastic bag full of cash … score, right?

Robert Adams craved an ice-cold drink after finishing his shift on a sweltering workday, but not having enough money to buy the burrito he also wanted left him with two obvious choices: Stop at the ATM, or find a bag containing more than $17,000 in cash.

“I wanted to get a large horchata, which is almost like a rice or coconut milk,” Adams told the Daily Herald (Arlington Heights) for a story published Wednesday. “I would have grabbed a chorizo burrito, too, but I didn’t have enough money.”

That changed Monday when the Chicago-area man stood at a Chase ATM in Rolling Meadows, looked down and discovered on the sidewalk near a newspaper box a clear plastic bag containing receipts, checks and $17,021 in cash – mostly $20 and $100 bills bound by a rubber band.

“I see this plastic bag. It’s clear plastic and it’s half full of money,” Adams said. “I figure this is a joke. Somebody took some napkins and made it look like money. This has to be a setup. People are going to look at me and start laughing.”

Adams said he never had the urge to keep any of the money.

“It’s not my money. I shouldn’t take it. I don’t care if you put another zero on there, I wasn’t raised to take money that isn’t mine,” said Adams, a 54-year-old single man who lives in Arlington Heights and credits his deceased parents for teaching him right from wrong. “If I saw you drop it, I’d say, `Excuse me, sir. I think you dropped something.'”

The word “Chase” was printed on the bag, so Adams carried it inside the nearby branch.

C’mon son! Do you know how many burritos and and giant-sized Horchatas you could have bought with all that cash? How come only do-gooders find large sums of cash?


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  • Kathryn

    God bless him for that.
    Somebody out there needs it more than be does, I’m sure, he did the right thing.
    He was obviously raised right by two hard-working people, something you ghetto trash would know nothing about. How come only “do-gooders” find money? Hm…good karma?

  • seriously?

    No, other ppl find it too. It doesn’t make the news because what would that look like. “Oh hey..I just found 17k outside and I don’t plan on turning it in. Let me tell you about it!”

  • oh hell na

    This story makes me sick..

  • postmyshitbossip

    Lmao@ seriously…I kno rite, hella funny!!! And they say kids say the darnest things:/

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