Get On With Your Life Already: People That Couldn’t Stop Talking About Their Celeb Exes

- By Bossip Staff

Shar Jackson – Nobody gives a sh*t about K-Fraud. Except for his baby momma Shar. She was all over the news whining about his relationship with Britney. She should consider herself lucky that she wasn’t stuck with him.

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  • Brooklyns Own

    Where is Mashonda???!!!’

  • ms.o

    Where toya

  • ms.o

    Why total ain’t make the list

  • CafeAuLait

    Mashonda’s situation is totally different. Swiz was her HUSBAND not boyfriend. So, talking about an ex-husband who cheated on you and started another family while still married to you is different than crying over a boyfriend who walked away or cheated. Have you ever been married? Probably not. Probably never even had a relationship beyond one year, so speak only about things you know. Mashonda can talk about her lying and cheating ex-HUSBAND all she wants to until she is healed!

  • Ant

    How do u know mashonda aint lying? Were u there?! What does her use to being married to him have to do with her talking about it. Get over it, move on…whether u a gf or wife.

  • wack

    Where’s chili ?

  • Me, myself & I

    In my opinion, Mashonda & Jennifer Aniston take the cake. We’ll never forget that Swizzy and Brad Pitt messed their heads up!!!

  • Christielove1468

    I believe that if there was a chance that all of these featured celebrities(who were pining over their ex loves)had a chance to be romantically involved again with them,they would take them back in a heartbeat. All of Tiger’s mistresses are ugly! Elin is way prettier than them skanks.

  • Lele

    Where is Mary J Blige? After she got with and broke up Kendu’s marriage she was still singing songs about K Ci.

  • Whateva

    Lisa Raye Mccoy and Vivica Fox wins this one.

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