Swirly Matrimony-dom: Ice-T and Coco Reveal The Secret To Long-lasting Marriage..”Jungle Sex”

- By Bossip Staff

Ice-T and Coco explain how they keep it fresh and freaky in the sheets:

“We have this thing we call the sexual code. Every man and woman has a code. It’s the things that turn them on,” Ice-T, 53, explained. “Now let’s get to jungle sex. A guy might need his woman in a football jersey and some roller skates,” he said. “If that does it for him, and she’s willing to accommodate it, then it’s going to be great sex forever.” “It might be kinky. It might be freaky,” he warned. “You might not be able to handle it, but ask them.”

We know Coco will do anything for her man…and we mean ANYTHING!!!


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  • Face!

    I love them together. They look like they truly love one another unlike other hollywood couples.

  • Miss tahbee

    Each to his own

  • so what?

    LOL @ Cut- your comments are always on point!

  • gina

    @ Cut….rflol….cosign!

  • http://Www.bossip.com Beauty is

    I like them together, but I dont want to see them getting freaky… they are like your old azz aunt and uncle who think they are still cool..

  • prissa

    I really didn’t need the visual of that 2nd pic. Eww!

    & why does T lOok like a white biker in the 2nd pic? Uggh 😩

  • team nymphis


    These two albinos would be the first to have invisible kids. Imagine!

    Xmen 7 “The ice and snow chronicles”

    Chaching! $$$

  • southern twist

    Oh gawd i just threw up in my mouth ! They.are cool but they are trying way way way.too hard its kinda sleazy

  • SMDH

    Are these 2 REALLY that intriguing? I mean when did they become “FACTOR” where the public wanna know bout them…YAAWWWWN @ Ery body doing a Reality Show to stay relevent!!!

  • Tierre

    Good for them! I love white men so who cares if he likes white women. Besides, he half white right?

  • Juliemango

    Role-playin n costumes always work to keep it fresh!!!

  • team nymphis

    julie mango

    Would you please elaborate on your prefered costumes.

    I’ve got five minutes and a lil baby oil left so please hurry.

  • Mental Health Guru

    Yessssss! Dallas, Dallas,Dallas!!!!!!! Woooo!

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