This Is Getting Ugly: Queen James Acts Like A Biggety Beetch In Press Conference And Tells Fans Their Lives Still Suck And His Is Still Awesome

- By Bossip Staff

It just gets worse and worse for Jester James and his Merry Men.

During a post-game press conference, LeBron was asked about his “haters,” and he basically said that he doesn’t care about them because he’s still rich and they’re not. SMH.

Question: Does it bother you that so many people are happy to see you fail?

LeBron James: Absolutely not. Because at the end of the day, all the people that was rooting on me to fail, at the end of the day they have to wake up tomorrow and have the same life that they had before they woke up today. They have the same personal problems they had today. I’m going to continue to live the way I want to live and continue to do the things that I want to do with me and my family and be happy with that. They can get a few days or a few months or whatever the case may be on being happy about not only myself, but the Miami Heat not accomplishing their goal, but they have to get back to the real world at some point.

He’s right. We do have to wake up to the same problems this morning. But we also all have to wake up to the fact that we’re not NBA champions, so LeBron’s in the same boat as we are, right? Thought so.

Maybe James should treat the offseason like it’s the fourth quarter so he can just disappear for a while before things get ugly.

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  • HowCanSomething

    Who cares,this just proves Lebron James is overrated just like the city of Miami. 2 overrated things. Lebron just isn’t the man and yesterday proved it. Is it me or Dallas is just a blah city? Dallas isn’t like Atlanta or New Orleans. Miami as a city is overrated,wack,and trash just like Atlanta. New Orleans is the best city down south. Na who gon pop me!!!!!!

  • jg

    Lebron is right! He could be saying he rich then again he could be saying that he is living his dream he is human .. chill

  • Lakers fan

    If Kobe Bryant wouldn’t said something like that, he would be the most wanted / hated man in America. Why is it okay for lebron James to do so!!! and everybody talks about Kobe attitude, lebron attitude is just as bad. My thing is lebron chancing a ring and Kobe chancing his 6th. And next the Lakers winning the chip!

  • pmh

    He is right, he has a lot of haters I mean cruel hater… he can’t stop and think about them he has to keep doing his thing…

  • Lakers fan

    If Kobe Bryant wouldn’t said something like that he would be the most wanted / hated man in America. Why is it okay for lebron to say so! Everybody talks about Kobe attitude, lebron attitude is just as bad as kobe. And my thing is lebron chancing his first ring and Kobe is chancing his 6th… so I’m just saying to the Lakers haters and lebron James fans

  • Come On Now!!!

    He’s right, y’all just taking it out of context. He’s saying he’s living his dream and we still have to wake up and do the same thing regardless of what he’s doing. Why do people keep hating on dude, he left Cheveland, get over it!

  • Dallas born and raised

    Dallas is on of the greatest cities in the world thats why so many people from new orleans came and stayed and living ten times better than they did in new orleans

  • HowCanSomething

    @Dallas Born And Raised: I’m sorry,I never lived in Dallas,I live on the east coast and I’m probably doing better than you who’s living in Dallas. Dallas people are country,ratchet,and southern.

  • John

    I’m down with king on this one. They wished failure on him so he wished failure on them. I’m not particularly happy with what he said and I would have like him to be more tempered in his response. I do recognize that it’s tough though

  • for the people

    I always find it funny when someone says a bunch of disrespectful things to you, but when you respond, you are hitting below the belt or your comment was out of place…

    Celebrity does not mean not human. I don’t understand why people feel they can do and say whatever about a person just because they are a celebrity. They have a right to defend themselves also.

  • HI HO!

    LeBron Shudd up! U lost.. We all have issues yes… But your issue is on tv your the one who decide you wanted to take your talents to south beach.. u bosh and Wade mock dirk.. U had this big ol outrageous welcome entrance.. U dwade and bosh said this season was gonna be a walk in the park.. They had no respect for the other teams in the lead.. LeBron you wrote your own script.. Now deal with it.. Don’t get Madd.. U open your own mouth now u gotta deal with the backlash of what you did.. That’s why people wanna see him fail. Now if this was Dwayne Wade and Bosh then it will be a different story.. But since he got very arrogant with his south beach talents and his remarks and big bad boy images.. He has to deal with the hate plain and simple.. And he is not close to magic or Michael Jordan.. The only thing they have in common is that there all black..He is LeBron James. The END! Stop the comparison people!

  • Me, myself & I

    Who cares what comes out of the mouth of LeBron James. The Decision has been made by Karma and the response was #EpicFailure4Title. Hahahahah!!!!!

  • tdgpgh

    LeBron shouldn’t care about his haters, don’t know anyone that does. He should tell them to get a life, starting with Dan Gilbert. It takes a lot of energy to hate. LeBron should tell them to put that energy into something positive.

  • southernswagg

    QUEEN JAMES lol…Dallas in the buildin!!!

  • http://mobile TRIPPIN

    Well I missed the game, but I did see Dallas on First 48, like always…lol…so Dallas worry about that crime, Tony Homo and them Cowgirls!!!!

  • Simz

    Yea that comment was taken WAAYYY out of context. I got it as him sayin: “Yea I lost. You guys are spending all your energy on hating me, but what good has it done? Besides bragging rights for a few months, how does it affect YOUR life? You live your life I’ll live mine. We all move on.”

    That’s what I got from it. Stop blowing things out of proportion. He wasn’t looking down on anyone.

  • http://n/a Fly Gurl

    Guess he never heard of “More Money More Problems”? Just because he is wealthy doesn’t make him exempt from life with the alleged Baby Mama and Mama allegations, he will be waking up with problems as well and still N0 RING! On a side note: the folks from the N.O. Who relocated here after the storm, loves it here in Dallas!

  • threadhead

    The only thing more tiresome than the self-appointed king are the barely literate lbj supporters and their purposely terrible vocabularies. Not only does he have the 4th quarter issues, but he has no post game and lacks imagination as well as heart.just bc ESPN and all of these so-called experts say he is the best does not make it so.if the buy would just admit be has been s total douche

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