Are Your Cakes Costing You Moolah? Study Shows That Skinny Women Make $22,000 More Than Heavier Ladies

- By Bossip Staff

Want proof that life isn’t fair? Check out this study.

Thanks to the good folks at the Journal Of Applied Psychology, we’ve learned some disturbing facts about the job market and who makes the fetti in the world.

According to the study “very thin” women make $22,000 more than women that are average size. And what’s worse is the fact that heavier women make even less money. “Heavy” women make $9,000 less while “Very Heavy” women make $19,000 less than average-sized women.

To further piss you off, it turns out that these facts don’t affect men at all. As men gain weight, their earning power increases. But if they get heavier than average, their income then starts to decrease. But it’s nowhere near the level of women’s decrease in income.

Whatever happened to just being awesome at your job?

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  • gina

    I work with fat cows and they spend their day hating eating and just being rude!


    She is beautiful! I LOVE her hair!

  • Steelcitychick

    Lile Marquis is still a mans world, so yeah a man is still gonna get paid more then a woman, for the same job, regardless if she does it better. But I know that companies also look at you and your over all health factors and size up what liability you could be to them. This isn’t to say it’s fair but companies need to look at the bottom line when hiring.

  • team nymphis

    that’s cuz fat hoes be missin too many days gettin they blood sugar tested and fallinn asleep runnin to catch the bus to work.

    P.S- sistas look at the female up top and xplain y y’all wear weaves. That female is beyond fine.

    Love y’all n.e.way

  • Pink Lace

    Ya Ya is just beautiful!! Any whoo, The world has always been about looks. Nothing new. I think being slim and attractive has worked in my favor lots of times. There should be more to life then looks, but unfortunately it isn’t…

  • who cares

    I don’t care I love my curves with a flat stomache its hard work but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

  • King Beef

    Who did the study? This has got to be in the top ten of a**inine articles i?ve read.

  • RiCki Lake

    @ gina, I agree with your comment, lmao

  • RiCki Lake

    Skinny b*tches run the world

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