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The new season of medical drama “HawthoRNe” airs tonight on TNT, so Bossip caught up with actor (and man banger) Derek Luke about his new role on the show and what we can expect to see. Check out the interview below:

Bossip: Hey Derek… What’s up, we are big Derek Luke fans.

Derek Luke: What! Oh my goodness, and you’re making me smile.

Bossip: Congrats on joining the cast of “HawthoRNe,” we’re excited to be able to watch you every week.

DL: I’m excited to be there. It’s such a great opportunity. The material on TV has been so competitive with the material that has traditionally been limited to film. Getting to work with a great cast and Jada and Will as executives is a great opportunity.

Bossip: Tell us more about your character and how you relate with the rest of the cast?

DL: Well I play a guy named Miles Bourdet. He’s from Chicago area and the show actually takes place in Richmond, VA and he’s in pursuit of an opportunity to become a doctor there. He wants the action. He has the passion to be a healer and the way he and Jada’s character connect is because Miles, from leaving Chicago he actually has a family and his family doesn’t come with him on that journey. The reason for that is his wife is not necessarily in agreement with him going out there and kind of suspects that Miles may be trying to detour or escape from Chicago. One is for work and two there’s a lot of emotions that are happening. Miles, in the midst of a divorce, finds himself attracting the attention of Camille Hawthorne who is Christina Hawthorne’s daughter on the show and there is some moral conflict that happens. Miles is just looking for a professional opportunity but because of what’s happening with his family and what’s going on in his life, he finds himself in need of something that this young lady is offering. So he has to decide between the different hats that he wears. He’s a father, he’s a husband, he’s a professional and he has to decide whether or not this relationship can or should work. So there is a lot of TNT drama you know.

Bossip: Yup, it sounds like it. So uh… do we get to see you uh shirtless?

DL: Oh my God. I don’t believe this time shirtless, but there’s definitely a lot of drama and always confidence and sometimes I think confidence can be just as tasty as taking your shirt off.

Bossip: How has it been adjusting to working on a TV show as opposed to doing the big screen thing?

DL: On TV you have relationships with the writers, on film there is less than a 5% chance that I even get to meet the writers. It’s normally more of a relationship between the director and the actors. With TV it’s a relationship between you and the creators. The two have different languages. A writers development, his craft and the way he speaks is totally different from the director. But I think TV brings out your natural producing skills. If you haven’t had them it definitely develops them in you.

Bossip: We have to ask about Jada and Will being on set together. Tell the truth, have you ever seen their trailer rocking?

DL: Oh my goodness…

Publicist: Derek you don’t have to answer that.

Bossip: Marc Anthony just joined the cast, what was it like working with him? He’s more known as a singer — were you able to help him out with any tips?

DL: You bring up an excellent topic of conversation. Crossing over, I think that’s what “HawthoRNe” is about. Some of my greatest experiences have been when I was directed by actors in film. I always say that you cannot be what you are not already. I believe that Marc showed such tremendous diversity. I really believe that if you are an actor you’re an actor, whether you’re an actor that sings or a singer that acts, you know that’s part of your resume. I just enjoyed his freedom as an actor. If anything I paid attention to him having no restrictions on himself and I think he holds his own weight.

We’re definitely looking forward to seeing what happens with Derek on this new season.

“HawthoRNe” premieres tonight on TNT at 10 pm EST.

Last night the network offered a few screenings of the premiere in Atlanta and New York, you can check out pictures of those, as well as photo stills from tonight’s episode below:



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