For Discussion: Would You Stop Dating Someone For Not Giving As They Receive In The Bedroom?

- By Bossip Staff

He doesn’t dine on Southern cuisine. Dealbreaker or not? It’s 2011 and we’d pretty much assumed by now most men understood the importance of pleasing their woman, orally. While most men might, some still don’t and on last night’s episode of “Single Ladies” Val’s (Stacey Dash character) “perfect guy” turned out to be less than perfect for her when he revealed he didn’t believe in lickin’ the cat. For Val it was a dealbreaker — but what about you? Would you ditch the perfect guy if he didn’t deliver in this one area?

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  • gina

    If they like being pleased in that manner and wont please you….they are selfish immature , might think your dirty or think they are getting over on you. Low self esteem people accept the aforementioned or paid tricks. Hummm person might be gay licky only! There are people that don’t however …..they dont ” get done either”!

  • Lickit

    Yes I would

  • Nana

    Real Men eat the box! Nuff said

  • 223

    FOH my d*ck works and I’m realer than any man you know

  • Nana

    Lmaoo @223 boy u know damn well uve been dining in the Ocean! But its our lil secret n I won’t tell

  • deede

    i mean i would feel like im pleasein u the way u want n i would expect the same in return give in order to get

  • http://n/a 5 Star Chick

    Not a Deal Breaker for me. I’m more into the Main course verses an Appetizer!

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