The Side-Eye: Shady Miami Herald Runs A “Congratulations” Ad For Shady Heat Team Winning Even Though They Lost!!

- By Bossip Staff

Looks like somebody wanted the Heat to win by any means necessary!

It’s not quite “DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN”, but the Miami Herald ran an ad in Monday morning’s edition on Page 11D congratulating the Miami Heat for winning the NBA title. The ad, from retail giant Macy’s, also has pictures of available championship hats and T-shirts.

That would be a great idea if the Mavericks didn’t clinch the NBA title Sunday night with a 105-95 victory in Miami.

Tim Elfrink of The Miami New Times, already in enough pain it appears, explains that the ad ran on the same page as a story about the series with the headline “Heat just never got the point during Finals loss to more-organized Mavs” and a banner that reads “DALLAS WINS BEST-OF-7 SERIES 4-2.”

The Vice President of Human Resources, Elissa Vanaver had this to say:

“We weren’t going to sit and wait around for Game 7 to decide how to advertise something like this,” she says. “That ad was in the system for the eventuality that the Heat ended up winning the title.”

“We’re apologizing to readers and advertisers about the mistake,” she says. “I’m not sure what else there is to say about it.”

Sounds SUPER suspect if you ask us. We’re willing to bet that some Mavericks fan thought that sh*t would be hilarious to run anyway!


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  • Seriously!

    Showmanship and athleticism…are you serious? Please, he is not showing any type of showmanship! He has resorted to acting like a spoiled brat as usual. Like Magic Johnson said, he needs to get some tough skin and realize he lost it for the Heat. Point, blank, period! Back in 84′ Magic said they called him Tragic Magic when he lost it for the Lakers. That summer, he went and practiced his azz off. Will these players do the same? Of course not. He’s too busy telling us about our miserable lives!

  • Nana

    *blankstare*………smh! I don’t get it but *shrugs*

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