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So BET, Katt, and T-Pain all fabricated a story for us:

As previously reported on Livesteez, Comedian Katt Williams was a no-show at the BET Hip-Hop Awards ’08 that took place in Atlanta on Saturday, but the reason for his absence was unknown. Today, we’ve learned that the pint-size comic pitched a serious hissy fit and walked off the show, according to insiders. Williams claimed earlier this week that he turned over his hosting job to T-Pain after losing a break-dancing contest to the rapper. But sources say he actually bailed after an angry face-off with BET execs before the show’s taping at the Boisfeuillet Jones Civic Center on October 18, accoring to the NY Daily News. “Katt has become difficult now that he’s a megastar,” one source says. “He was very demanding during rehearsals. He really berated one female member of the production company. He launched into a verbal assault on her in front of other people. I mean, he read her the riot act. “Then he left the set and said he wouldn’t return unless she apologized. She wouldn’t. BET and the production company backed her up. Katt wouldn’t come back. Nobody was willing to budge.“So the night before the show, they had no host. They were scrambling to find somebody. At 1 a.m., the night before the show, they called T-Pain. He agreed to do it, and started rehearsing the next morning for the show that evening.” In the interest of future relations with Williams, executive producer Stephen Hill agreed to the break-dancing cover story, according to sources.

“It was crazy,” Hill told “We were all out at the club Friday night – T-Pain, Katt Williams, an Emmanuel Lewis impersonator and me – fluids flowing, music all loud. Suddenly Pain, having bought us some drinks, challenged Katt to a break-dancing battle.”

Lying sons of b*tches. Why lie? Then the producer takes a shot at Katt by calling him, Webster? That is out of pocket for a exec and and not to mention classless.

True or False… Katt Williams destroyed the Hip-Hop awards by not hosting?


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  • MissBlaze43

    I read about this in the paper on my way to work.

  • Hannibal



    Sounds like Katt is getting besides himself. Maybe they needed to send Damon aftet him. lol

  • tlatrice

    i don’t think he was calling katt williams an emmanuel lewis impersonator, i think that was an additional person.

  • ShavonDenise

    Katt you messing up the money bra. What ypu trying be a full time pimp? You should know that BET is NOT MTV/VH1 you aint be able to talk to people any kinda way AND have them pay you. They got T-Pain for cheap, trust. Dont you ever for a second get to thinking, you’re irreplaceble (shouts out to Beyonce).

  • MACK

    HO SIT DOWN……wit that perm pressed hair flipped up lookin like a little leprechaun…LOL…tryna act up like hes a MEGA-SUPERSTAR…lol….BOOM! He aint all that famous….and even the most famous person out there still needs to have respect for people….

  • shesofine

    Katt Williams is a “megastar” — says who???

  • WhatsYoursIsMine-Voting Early and I can't wait!!!!!

    BET is known for effing things up, so I’d love to see where this goes. I can see Katt trying to do something right, then it all going horribly wrong.

  • UnEEkHeR

    I like Katt Williams.. thats a funny dude. But you cant just go around showing yo ass! Don’t you have another movie coming out? Just stop it. Get that money, never mind them executivie broads. 🙂

  • C

    I dont think they were callin him Webster, they were saying it was another person there who impersonates Webster making the total group 4… and I read a quote somewhere from Williams that there was no break dancing battle, and that who ever thought that was stupid enough to believe he actually hangs out with T-Pain..

  • Pride

    Nothing but a coon fake pimp ass n*##ah!!

  • Chi-Town

    No love for my brotha’s that roll their hair up at night! Metro sexual A.K.A GAY!

  • MissBlaze43

    @ kzzme

    LMAO @ roller wrap!

    I’ve ALWAYS been leery of men who perm / press their hair – no mattter how hard they try to personfy themselves in being a man – dude – you go to a beauty parlor to get your hair done? No, I just can’t get with that.

  • Charlotte NC

    I think Katt is funny and to much about his paper to behave like that, I really think it is more to this than what they are saying.

  • Capital G

    Kat should remember the first rule of show business:(rule #1) “Be nice to people you meet on the way up…because it’s the same people you see on the way down.”

  • I Trust My Sources

    Oh! and did I mention that he fails to pay you all of your bread when he FIRES you [for no valid reason]ahead of the contract ending date…this is so that he has an excuse not to pay you all he owes you. I have ZERO respect for people like him. I’ve never been to a show of his and would never go to see him insult and disrespect his audience.

  • MissBlaze43

    @ I Trust My Sources

    LMAO for real. My co-workers r asking me what I’m laughing at.

    But yeah, homeboy is definitely angry about being short!

  • MissBlaze43

    @ I Trust My Sources

    LMAO for real. My co-workers r asking me what I’m laughing at.

    But yeah, homeboy is definitely angry for being so short.

  • Lacombe Redbone (...I'mma donkey on the edge!)

    Now that’s Pimpin’!

  • Sawyer

    thats the perks to becoming famous! Such is life.

    Is it right…no, but is it reality…yup!

    Nobody over the age of 25 is interested in watching that show anyway!

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    Katt Willy gettin Silly — Sheeeeeyyyyyuuuuuuuttttt

  • Kompton's Kutie {{Suivez la Faveur}}

    Umm, I wanna hear his side as well. I’m not believing this source. Y would he go off somebody for no reason and want them to apologize?! That sounds fishy to me. BET always have had feuds when negotiating with people. So, I don’t believe he was the main problem here. T-Pain?! Please, they can never get anybody good. Then when they do, they really don’t want to pay them real money.

  • sepia830

    Did somebody refer to Katt Williams as a megastar? Come on now, will he ever reach the level of past geniuses in his field: Bill Cosby, Eddie Murphy or Chris Rock? Hell, he ain’t even funnier than DL Hughley on a bad day. He is more like Eddie Griffin–funny on occasion but far from exceptional.

    And I don’t care if he does have a wife….my gay-dar goes off every time I see his a$$.

  • sepia830

    My bad….did I leave out Richard Pryor? Man, I was trippin’…

  • Butterscotch

    I don’t know who told this fool he is a megastar, but he needs a reality check. I can’t even imagine being yelled at by a man rocking both relaxed hair and a roller set hairdo.

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