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Teresa “Thug-Life” Giudice and her Hubby “Crooked” Joe Giudice are making headlines again for scrapping so hard in the D.R. Joe and his friends broke A COP’s arms and legs!!!

Bravo’s “Real Housewives of New Jersey” train wreck Teresa Giudice ruined one family’s vacation at the Hard Rock Hotel in the Dominican Republic. According to a complaint filed yesterday, Giudice”popped a bottle of Champagne and began spraying” it in the Moon Lounge, hitting patron Yolanda Martinez in the eye. After Chicago cop Adolfo Arreola asked the crew to “cease harming his 53-year-old mother-in-law,” Joe Giudice, Albie Manzo, Chris Manzo and Greg Bennett “knocked down, kicked, punched, scratched and jumped” Arreola and his cousin Jason Gomez. Both men underwent surgery for broken arms and legs, the suit says. A Bravo rep had no comment.

What the fawk were the broke a$$ Giudice’s doing on vacation in D.R. in the first place? Aren’t they sposed to be bankrupt??? Shouldn’t this dude be on probation sitting his a$$ down somewhere waiting to be tried for the OTHER charges against him?

SMH at them scrapping because Teresa almost blinded some lady. And these fools don’t play — breaking arms and legs. Bravo may have to come out of pocket on this one — cuz we know Teresa and Joe don’t have any money to pay for that isht!




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