Dirty, Rotten, Stinkin’: Do You Live In One Of The 10 Dirtiest Cities In The Country?

- By Bossip Staff

Clean up, Clean up, everybody clean up! Thanks to the American’s Favorite City Survey, Travel & Leisure released a list of the 10 dirtiest cities in the country. Want to know where your city stacks up? Take a look.

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  • HowCanSomething

    These cities on the “dirty,rotten,stinkin” list are the BEST cities to visit except LA,Vegas,Atlanta,and Miami because they’re ALL overrated. NY,Philly,New Orleans,and Baltimore are the BEST cities on this list. Na who gon pop me? People need to learn how to clean up outside of their house and they need to STOP littering.

  • Cush33

    Nobody “howcansomething”!! Take my city off this list. If ur judge off one incident with random stupidity every city should be on this list. If u go on you tube u will find one of those in every popular city. I love New Orleans!!!!!

  • HowCanSomething

    @cush33 What are you talking about? I was actually saying New Orleans was 1 of the best cities on this list to visit. What are you talking about? You must be illiterate or you must of read my comment wrong.

  • gina

    I dont live in any of the but I had really big fun in all of their tourist TRAPS! THE BIG EASY HAS THE BEST FOOD and music feat off season shopping best deals ever! ATL….little kids trying to rob folks…dang…

  • 80's girl

    Why is Atlanta on the list and not Detroit?

  • N.O. Best

    May I remind you that New Orleans is still recovering from Hurricane Katrina! So that’s probably why its on the list. Just wait though, were fixing things it takes time……


    Glad to see Phoenix ain’t on the list! These Republicans are doing whatever they can to keep EVERYBODY out!! But soon enough everyone from LA will come this way and we’ll be on the list 🙂

  • jas

    Philly isn’t that dirty, just North Philly, trash all over the place, we call it North Philthy.

  • Big Ryde

    I knew Chicago wasn’t going to be on this list. You can call Chicago anything but filthy! Of course its dirty and filthy where Lil Ray-Ray and Taqanilla live but downtown, close to the lake, and the Northside stay spotless!!!

  • http://bossip.com Shudd up

    @HowCanSomething actually only thing that’s overrated are your comments. You just name some of the best cities in the world. U sound jealous you don’t live there… I been to all those cities plus and let’s be honest every state got a city that’s ghetto that’s trashy so in that case ever state and city needs to be up there. Ain’t nobody city spot less WTF!

  • Der

    Ok Chitown ….We didn’t make the list..#winning

  • Kathryn

    How did Detroit not make it on the list?

  • HowCanSomething

    Sorry I’m a loser

  • King Beef

    ATL is what?s up! We should be on the list as the most hated on city. Every city has it?s flaws, but everybody and they momma moving down here. Hate on!!!

  • HowCanSomething

    Excuse my comments I’m retarded

  • King Beef

    ? The World Is a Ghetto ?

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