For The Stans: Beyonce Admits She’s A Control Freak Who Doesn’t Really Believe Girls Run The World

- By Bossip Staff

In addition to getting all “wild and crazy” for Dazed And Confused Magazine’s “Pop vs. Life” issue, Beyonce allowed the designers who created those looks to pick her brain about the really important matters.

And this is what we’ve found out about Bey: she’s a work-a-holic control freak who clams up when she’s around too many people and who doesn’t really believe that girls run the world… yet. Here’s an excerpt of her cover feature interview, conducted by designers Tom Ford, Riccardo Tisci, Stefano Pilati and Gareth Pugh.

Gareth Pugh: You were born four days after me, which means you’re a Virgo. What Virgo characteristics do you have?

Beyonce: I am a Virgo to the tee! I wonder what signs the other designers are? I like to think outside the box. I don’t believe in the answer ‘no’. I am extremely driven and extremely critical – sometimes overly critical. Sometimes it is one of the things that I have to work on. I am a control freak. I pay attention to details. When I do something I do it 100 per cent. I have high expectations of myself and expect the exact same thing of everyone around me. I’ve always been that way. I am all or nothing.

Stefano Pilati: Do you think a woman has the same opportunity for success as a man in today’s world?

Beyonce: I think we do. I think the world is changing and it has changed. We still have you know, ways to go. But I think women are so different now and we have our standards and we don’t accept anything less than the same opportunities. I know I don’t. That’s what my whole message is in my career. I remember being in Japan after I wrote ‘Independent Woman’, and these young teenage girls were telling me that the song, to them, made it uncool not to have your own job, your own career, and your own mind. It’s inspiring to know that something can affect pop culture in that way, and the way women think. Sometimes there are certain things that we have to work harder for, that we have to work double the amount for. Sometimes we don’t get the credit. But we’re getting there.

Tom Ford: Are you shy?

Beyonce: I used to be very shy. I don’t think I’m shy any more. I get really uncomfortable when I’m not performing on the stage or on a photo shoot and have too many people looking at e expecting a performance. It make me kind of shut down and become shy. I’m happier to talk to people and try to learn something from them. I’m better at one-on-one conversations. I do become shy and a bit intimidated when it’s a large group of people, I definitely retreat. At a big dinner I just hope that no one expects anything from me. I wish I’d disappear.

Ricardo Tisci: What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

Beyonce: Usually I try to stay quiet and meditate. Not literally meditate. I mean lay in bed and think about everything I need to do, plus everything I learned from the previous day. In the past couple of weeks, I’ve literally fallen asleep with the Blackberry in my hand because I’m up answering emails, coming up with marketing plans and looking at radio numbers. It’s really sad! My family is like, ‘Oh my God!’ I literally have pictures of me knocked out with my finger on the computer

Oh look: She’s just like the rest of you mere humans.


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  • ShortStuff

    Well that explains why she doesn’t give people enough time to miss her(Beyonce Overkill). When is she going to literally sit down & have old man camel’s kids??? He’s like close to 50 yrs old…lol

  • Silk E. Smoove

    I see where they were trying to go with the photo shoot but it fell kinda short. Missed the mark.

  • P

    Beyonce, is the look that Michael was going for when he was alive. (in my opinion) but Beyonce and her team are trying to fill a gap, they are going to try and make her just as INSANEly famous as M.J. The creative work will be awesomeness, but I hope she doesn’t change in appearance to much or in her demeanor ( wearing face mask). And above all u hope she remembers that God ALLOWED these blessings, I doubt he would have chosen this particular path. It’s his will and then his permissible will.
    Okay nuff said.

  • Christielove1468

    @P:You hit it on the head! IMO Bey is desperately trying to become another M.J so bad! Her mannerisms mirror his: was a workaholic,M.J was kind of shy,he was a driven perfectionist and was the greatest entertainer in the world and was a legend. Plus he was a Virgo(August 29) no matter how hard Bey tries,she can never replace M.J.

  • gmon

    She manages herself now???? Why would she do that? Her celebrity is too big for her handle herself . O well.. hopefully she will come to her senses… I like her new cd tho..

  • T

    Bey has NEVER said that she was trying 2 be like MJ. U people overthink everything she says. So because her & mj had things in common she’s tryin 2 be like him? Sit down with that mess. And be was on a break 4 a year, so she took time off & u still complaining. She dont have 2 have kids. She not going anywhere so deal. I swear bey has some people so pressed. She is just a beautiful talented woman living HER life. Im not mad at her. Do u bey.

  • TT

    Bey never said she was tryin 2 be like MJ. I think a lot of u are pissed because a lot of people call her the mj of this generation. Well people are entitled 2 their opinions. And bey not going anywhere & she dont have 2 have kids. I think ppl hate the fact that this woman is so beautiful & talented & successful. She looks gorgeous in that green dress. Work it bey!

  • NYC

    Where in the article did she say she was trying 2 be mj? Damn u people are stupid. People hate the fact that this woman is beautiful talented & humble. She not going anywhere. 15 years & counting.

  • gina

    Bey is a very talented hard working and a creative female in a league of her own. She is not interested on any level in becoming a homo child molester…aka M.J….I have never heard a male say I would leave M.J or any one like him with their children. Children dont need be to dragged around with mom career….she is to busy! LITTLE CHILDREN NEED STABILITY. MOST ARE READY TO GO HOME AFTER A WEEKEND AT GRANDMA & GRANDPA HOUSE. Look at Solange son everybody but her seems to have that boy! She just got married! All those little dazed daycare and nanny kids….some BS! Baby on your hip trying to work is not cute! Lawd someone plz tell JHud to cut that chimes hair he looks riff dryer clothers just out of the dryer all the time!

  • COolbreeze

    Forget all tha negativety bey… U look great keep doin ya thang miss lady!!!

  • Fun

    How many licks does it take to get the the center of Bey’s azz crack? Her stans can answer that.
    This bytch don’t hold a candle to MJ (child molester or not) these delusional stans are the most retarded trolls in the blogosphere. Talk to me when she sells more than MJ.

  • gina

    She won’t die broke and no one will have to defend her molesting a child or dressing like a man. Her talent is unique! Stop trying to cyberbully and go support child molestors legacy.. truly idiot retards do that!

  • gina

    You queerzeros got vajajay envy…

  • gina

    Bang! Two queerzeros with vajayay envy 🙂 keeping M.J. alive picking on little…your pathetic and a disgrace to gays Jailbirds

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