Shook Ones: The Sperminator’s Shady Baby Mama Finally Comes Clean About Her Confrontation With Maria Shriver!!

- By Bossip Staff

The truth will set you free…

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s baby mama tearfully fell to her knees and begged forgiveness from Maria Shriver after admitting giving birth to the Governator’s love child, a bombshell report revealed yesterday.

Longtime Schwarzenegger house employee Mildred Patricia “Patty” Baena broke her silence and described the tense moment, just before Thanksgiving last year, when Shriver demanded to know the truth.

“She asked me directly if Joseph was Arnold’s son. I dropped to my knees and I was crying, saying that, yes, he was and I was so sorry,” Baena told the UK’s Hello! magazine in editions that hit newsstands yesterday.

Baena said Schwarzenegger’s wife reacted with tears and compassion.

“She was so strong,” Baena recalled. “She cried with me and told me to get off my knees. We held each other and I told her it wasn’t Arnie’s fault, that it takes two.”
A representative for Shriver declined comment.

Baby Mama Baena still has some love for her ex-boss and speaks on her remorse

“He’s a good man and I know he’s suffering, too,” Baena said.

“He loves Maria. I hope with time they work things out.”

Baena, 50, said she would have been perfectly content had the secret remained under wraps, reflecting: “I’m sorry someone felt the need to expose this.”

As bad as she feels about how her messy a** situation played out, her son doesn’t seem to think is so bad.

The baby mama’s own mother broke the news to Joseph a year ago and the teen immediately blurted out: “Cool!”

Damn, that awkward moment when your bosses wife demands to know the truth about your secret love-child.

LOL @ the kid thinking that having the Sperminator for a father is “cool!”


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  • rampagejackson

    Dang Arnold, both of these broads fugly.

  • gina

    Rflol bish you and Arnold really think you got away dont you! You and your son will be rejected in the same manner as President Johnson’s love child. That poor man spent his life asking for inclusion and to been know as something other than that sneaky hoes child. Sure your getting a few $$ now but the media is going to humilate you on a level that will scar all of your children for life. HOE SIT DOWN!

  • Alicia

    Why are y’all talking about this child like this? Why would you speak negative on a child? Really?

  • Christielove1468

    Wow! Joseph already looks like he is on steroids. He is going to be big like his dad.

  • Hypo

    Why is everyone hating on the kid? What did he do wrong? He was just born. All this anger should be geared toward his mom, who lied to many people and stupidly outed herself and her son.

  • gina

    Tell her to hide her hoe ways if she don’t want folks to talk about the residual of her random hump feasts! Hoes in AMERICA need to get some shame! its one thang to beg THE GOVERMENT for food and housing to take care of your hump feast kids but deal with reality PEOPLE TALK ABOUT YOU AND THEM…OK! It is also no secret how they repeat the cycle….at least look at the MESS AND SAY I DONT WANT MY CHILDREN BORN INTO IT INSTEAD OF JUSTFYING YOUR HOE WAYS…..JUSTIFICATION WILL NOT CHANGE THE STATUS OR STIGMA HOES GIVE THEIR CHILDREN….however maury will help you find the “daddy”…lol. Hoes why are you subjecting your children to that and yes that is what people think…Deal with reality 🙂

  • Ariel

    @Gina relax geeezzz get a life

  • gina

    Ariel ….Die hoe! Shitz logical and everyone is not buying into…..bishes like you fear the explaination…lol….but cry victim as you beg society to care of your hump session children …lol

  • King Beef

    Infidelity has no color,gender or social status, so please keep this story in mind when we make comments on other posts about how all black men and women isn?t ish. And yes the child did nothing wrong.

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