Struggling Single Mother Sells Handwritten Letter From President Obama To Stay In Her Home

- By Bossip Staff

Single mother of three, Destiny Mathis, was at the forefront of then Democratic Presidential Nominee Barack Obama’s campaign of “change” in 2008. She printed t-shirts, passed out campaign items and urged people in her area to register to vote. After Obama was elected, Mathis, a surgical technologist, had hope that things would begin to look up until she got pregnant with her youngest child, who was born premature and needed around-the-clock care for her health complications and shortly after, she lost her job. With her hopes of change dwindling and in search of answers, Mathis wrote President Obama a letter explaining her worries yet continuously offered up her support and asked for just a short response from the President of the United States to give her and her family a glimmer if hope. Within weeks, Obama responded with a short, handwritten letter which Mathis had no intention to sell … until her financial struggles continued to mount. Now, as a means of making ends meet, the single mother plans to sell the neatly scripted note from the president to avoid being evicted.

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  • Cole, you stupid!

    I think people are stupid to see that the economy would turn around in 2 years. The economy is the result of DECADES of poor fiscal choices at the government level and poor financial choices personally for millions of Americans.

    I totally understand her frustrations, but to really expect a President to change your personal finances? Unless you are super wealthy and severely impacted by the tax code, it just doesn’t work that way.

  • gina

    Stop……now write Obama and ask him to send some of the billions we are wasting millions on war and paying for none citizens redsiduals of their random hump sessions …feeding housing and education

  • keith idol

    This is a sad story but it seems as if the mother has no one to blame buy herself. She has more control over her personal circumstances than President Obama ever will. She was already a single mother and then chose to have another child that would be a financial burden whether it had disabilities or not. Her and her children’s lives would gain the most benefit from her practicing self control and using birth control.

  • Allegrah

    Don’t blame Obama for your financial distress…. you already had 2 kids prior to the 3 rd one being created… write your state to get support for kids…. I don’t feel sorry for her… stop laying on your back and having kids you can’t take care of.

  • CeCe

    @Keith idol and Allegrah…..y’all need to shut up! Its a recession things probably changed for her because of it! She probably had a good job and makin’ money but sometimes things change because if circumstances. Everybody is trying to keep they’re above water! Stop being insensitive ba$tards!

  • Steelcitychick

    This is a women who has taken it up for herself to raise three children by herself. She works, and by the posting doesn’t have enough help! How many times have we all calucates moves that just don’t pan out the way we planned. At least she has a job, and is contrbuting to society. I hope she can get a fair deal on the letter. I would rather her getting that, then her being down at the welfare office asking us to pay for her babies!

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