You Can’t Be Serious: Casey Anthony’s Lawyers Want To Introduce Some Random Black Man To Her Defense

- By Bossip Staff

We’re not quite sure why, out of all of the horrible women who personify the epitome of a bad mother, this broad is getting so much attention.

But Casey Anthony and her legal team and their lies have hit a new low point in randomness and lack of credibility. Two weeks into her trial, they implicated some random Black ex-con named Vasco Thompson in the murder of little Caley Anthony.

On the same day Chief Judge Belvin Perry denied a defense motion for acquittal, Casey Anthony’s team introduced a new person to the murder case — an Orlando felon with a violent past.

The defense team’s amended witness list now includes Vasco Thompson, an Orlando felon convicted on kidnapping charges in 1988.

Court documents show Thompson is a “recently discovered witness through the ongoing efforts of defense investigators.”

Thompson, according to the filing, “was connected to George Anthony through his cell phone records.” Records show four calls between Caylee’s grandfather and Thompson on July 14, 2008 — a day before Cindy Anthony reported Caylee’s disappearance to theOrange County Sheriff’s Office.

The court records also state “Thompson has a violent criminal history and has served a ten year prison sentence for kidnapping.”

Thompson refused interview attempts by the defense and called law enforcement when questioned, the document shows.

Due to the recently discovered and unexpected relationship between George Anthony and Thompson, their cellphone calls, and Thompson’s “violent criminal history,” the defense claims “good cause is shown for the late disclosure of this witness.”

Defense attorney Cheney Mason wrote in the motion that the defense has to “depose Mr. Vasco Thompson to determine the existence of relevant admissible evidence in this trial.”

It’s unclear exactly how Thompson might play into the defense strategy.

George Anthony’s attorney, Mark Lippman, told the Orlando Sentinel today that his client “has no idea who this person is.”

Lippman said there were apparently four points of contact between the two men, but he has no idea what those calls entailed or the duration of them.

Lippman said he doesn’t know if Anthony was supposedly calling Thompson or if the felon was calling Anthony.

Here’s the thing: George Anthony had just started a new job right before his wife reported their granddaughter missing. And that employer’s phone number is just a number or two off from Vasco Thompson’s.

We understand this chick is grasping at straws and all. But the random Black guy?


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  • Asia

    Casey Anthony is an animal who has no remorse and she should just give it up…your getting the needle. Why just why all these crimes against children?

  • homicidalbrainiac

    I’ve followed this case very closely for years and I don’t believe Casey’s father or brother molested her. She’s a liar. She’ll say anything to wiggle out of the situation. Her attorneys know they really don’t have much of a defense, so they’ll attempt to implicate anyone else so that they can use reasonable doubt.

  • Steelcitychick

    @ homicidal…Right! I’ve been following this case when I get a chance. Truely a sick twisted sociopath! But I don’t know who’s worse, Casey or her attorney, who looks like he’s willing to make up stories and just blatently lie for his client!

  • loc

    They need to hurry up n convict this guilty b/tch and stop wasting our tax dollars

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