On The Hot Seat: 10 Rappers That Should Go On The Bill O’Reilly Show And Make Him Look Like A Clown

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Part of the job description that comes along with being one of the leaders of one of the most racist “news” organizations in the world is always finding a way to insult rappers and people that listen to them. So it’s natural for Bill O’Reilly to spout his anti-rap garbage every chance he gets. But how come he rarely brings them on the show to defend themselves?

Here are 10 rappers that we’d love to see on the Bill O’Reilly show at some point.

Lupe Fiasco – In case you missed it, Willy O’Reilly called Lupe a “pinhead” for his anti-Obama tirade last week. Bill said he invited Lupester to the show, but that’s not necessarily the truth according to Fiasco. They should battle it out live!

Common – He deserved a shot at Bill after dude basically called him a supporter of cop killers and all that sh*t. Common was probably too busy having tea and biscuits with the president to worry about O’Reilly.

Jay-Z – What would Bill do when faced with a rapper that’s just as smart as he is…and one that’s richer? O’Reilly would need to watch his lip or the Camel’s Illuminati connections might get to working on him.

Soulja Boy – This would be hilarious. Sure, Bill’s fans would have more reason to hate rap, but Soulja would clown the hell out of Billy boy.

Lil Wayne – Weezy does that thing where he puts on glasses and shows up sober for interviews, trying to look all smart. It’s actually pretty funny and weird to watch. Bring smart Weezy to the O’Reilly show and watch Bill’s brain explode when he can’t figure out what in the world Wayne is talking about.

Mos Def – We’d love to see Mos give Bill the business. Dude is too smart to fall for any mess and he’s militant enough to scare the sh*t out him.

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    Wake Flocka Flame – “What do you feel about Obama’s health care initiative?”


    “What about the housing crisis?”





    Chuck D – C’mon, Bill wants no part of Chuck. As long as Flavor Flav isn’t invited it’ll be a win for rap music.

    Nas – He’s been anti-Bill for a while now. It’s time for a square off. O’Reilly would bring up Nas’ baby momma drama to hit below the belt but that’s about all he’ll have.

    Eminem – A younger Em would just show his arse on TV and tell Bill to kiss it. This one would just smack him. We’d take either.

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    • hey

      What about ludacris?

    • Yes

      I believe Luda already went in on Bill O Reilly a few years back.

    • Kathryn

      Eminem… Yeah, that would be interesting. I wish that would happen.

    • Kari

      What about David banner?

    • missj21

      Really? No KRS-One? Seriously?

    • Steelcitychick

      @missj21….I was thinking KRS1 most definately! Him, Chuck D and Professor X,but I guess he’s not considered a rapper!

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