A Lil Positivity: Dads That Deserve Something Special For Father’s Day

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Father’s Day is coming up! That means it’s time to grab a gift for pops. Here are some celebs that deserve gifts for how much they try to show love for their kids. No, they’re not perfect, but they certainly give it the old college try.

Lil Wayne – Yeah, he’s popping out a ton of babies from all kinds of different baby mommas, but they’ve all pretty much attested that Weezy is there for all of his kids. Dude has a full-time job just remembering their names and he seems to be doing it well. Except for that year he was in the clink, of course.

Eminem – After a few shaky years there, Em has made his daughters his number one priority. He doesn’t even let them hear curse words these days. That’s a far cry from having his kid on songs killing his baby momma.

Will Smith – Dude is the perennial family man. Not only does he raise his kids, he turns them into their own corporations. That’s worth some major props.

Brad Pitt – His wife keeps adding kids to the family and Brad just takes them and keeps up his daddy duties. So what if he needs to toke a little bit on the side to cope. Wouldn’t you?

Kobe Bryant – So, he may have made some questionable choices in his past, but since then he’s been repping for his daughters. He wins a game and who do you see him with? His crazy pants wife and those two adorable girls.

Jamie Foxx – Jamie is doing it big as a single dad. That’s real. He takes his little one out as his date on the red carpet at awards shows and everything. Class act, that Jamie is.

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    Usher – He’s been pretty public about how his kids came to be, but Usher has taken over as dad and has been hands-on with his boys. Maybe he’ll show them his dance moves and have some sort of Usher and the Oompa Loompa’s Dance Tour or something.

    Barack Obama – When you’re the POTUS, it’s probably difficult to take care of the kids. But apparently, Obeezy handles his as dad of the Obama clan. We wonder if he’s going to be at the door when Sasha’s first date comes knockin’.

    Master P – P made his son a freaking millionaire. That’s good for at least a pair of dress socks, right? Romeo is flaunting his chiseled mass of man, and he has his dad to thank that anyone gives a sh*t.

    Peter Gunz – If you saw the Cory Gunz reality show on MTV, you’ll know that Peter cared about nothing more than getting his son’s career going. That’s dedication, holmes.

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    • Juliemango

      Ushrs boys r the cutest. First time ive seen en pictrd with his daughtr – a good look!!!

    • I Aint Mad at Ya

      I have to it give to MY father. Purple heart Korean War Vet. He was home everyday after work at 4:30 pm. The lights were always on, the fridge was full of vegetables and fruit. Not having perfect school attendance was not an option. He provided me with the best sporting and band equip. Helped me through college. My Father and Mother put that foot in that azz when needed.
      Happy Fathers Day . . . . Daddy !

    • ShawnNverSettles

      I guess we are back to the old version?…..lol

    • fool of a tooke!

      Ok, Will Smith seems like a cool person because he’s nice to his fans, but he may not be the best father. He’s raising brats that are annoying and not humble at all. Thst is not good parenting imo.



    • Pink Lace

      Happy Fathers Day to all the Great Dad’s out there!!!

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