Word On The Hollyweird Streets Is That One Of “The Voice” Judges Is Rubbing Castmates The Wrong Way…

- By Bossip Staff

If you had to guess, which judge do YOU think it is…??

It appears that Christina “Now I’m A Thick-ums” Aguilera is irritating her fellow judges with her huge entourage, lack of punctuality, and not to mention her $225,000 check in comparison to the other’s $75,000.

…”They are all so annoyed by her,” a source told us. “Every time she walks away with her entourage, they talk about her behind her back. She holds people up and never apologizes.”

While Aguilera is the most vocal on the show, sources say she won’t speak to the other judges during commercial breaks.

“When the cameras are rolling, she literally won’t shut up,” an insider told us. “It is all about her.”

The production team is also playing into the rift — Aguilera’s supporters wear “Team Christina” T-shirts on the Studio City set.

Despite the differences, another source said the judges appeared to be getting along after the show Tuesday night at a bash thrown by Shelton and Miranda Lambert, at which Aguilera was still wearing her “Team Christina” shirt.

We hear that despite the disagreements, Aguilera and Levine are working together and recently recorded a track that will be released Tuesday.

Levine’s rep said, “This is absolutely false. Adam loves Christina, and they just recorded a song together. All the judges had a party at Blake’s house the other night after the show.”

Aguilera’s rep told us, “No comment.”

Now in all fairness we get the hair, make-up, assistants, and hand-lotioner entourage, she’s a woman and furthermore a “diva”, but the $225,000 pay check would probably piss us off too! We get that she’s the biggest celeb but $150,000 is a helluva pay difference!


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