Sloppy Or Still Got It?? Britney Spears And Nicki Minaj In Concert For “Femme Fatale” Tour (Photos)

- By Bossip Staff

Last night was opening night for Britney Spears’ “Femme Fatale” tour where Nicki Minaj was the opening act.

Judging from the pics, do y’all think good ole Brit Brit still got it???


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  • amina

    Looks like brit is old as hell sorry. She looks desperate and very unattractive. As for nicki lov her but i doubt that she offers a good performance

  • Muffy

    Poor thing. I doubt she’ll ever be back on top of her game. She actually appears to be an average size maybe even smaller but compared to how she used to look…she looks busted. Ah well.

  • Shanice

    Sorry but I wouldn’t go see Britney even if you gave me free tickets. She can have all the hits she wants. But Brit Brit definitely isn’t the same performer she was 10 years ago. She just goes through the paces there’s not a lot of energy there. Co sign with @Muffy she looks busted.

  • etamluosym

    @ Miss. TJ…co sign. Dear old, Nicki..please call back!

  • Yahooguest

    Looks like Nicki has really sold herself out. She can get all the money she wants by being commercial, but we are going to be saying Nicki who? soon.

  • celebstylist

    Umm, Britney maybe needs to perform with more clothes on.

  • ms diva

    Britney lost her “swag” years ago. If she was on top the way she used to be, she wouldn’t give Nicki the time of day. She’s trying to make a comeback but her position is filled. “Lady Gaga”. Nicki, no words for her boring performances, still wack. #2wackchicks

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