Bolitics: Republican House Approves Food Aid Cuts For Woman And Children

- By Bossip Staff

It’s official, nearly 900 million in food aid for low income families will be cut. They sure didn’t waste anytime with this one …

The Republican-led House rejected bipartisan attempts to reduce farm subsidies Thursday and passed a food and farm spending bill that makes deep cuts in food aid at home and abroad.

It would cut the Women, Infants and Children program, which offers food aid and educational support for low-income mothers and their children, by $868 million, or 13 percent from the current level. An international food assistance program that provides emergency aid and agricultural development would drop by more than $450 million, one-third of the program’s budget.

Democrats said the cuts to food aid were reckless and that subsidies should be trimmed instead.

“The Republican bill is harmful, ineffective and plays politics with our children’s health,” said Rep. George Miller, D-Calif.

These are our tax dollars being put to use in these programs and further proves why it’s so important to vote! We have yet to imagine that strain this will put on families who really need the added support. SMH


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  • girl bye!

    yay! I’m glad they are cutting the WIC program! when did it become tax payers job to provide formula for babies who’s parents clearly don’t care! if they cared they wouldn’t have had babies they can’t fed! don’t breed them if you can’t feed them!

  • koffybrown

    This the end as we know it. I don’t give a rats a*s about how many babies any Afro American have whether they can feed them or not. Afro American only makes up a small percentage of those receiving family aid. I’am sick and tired of people cutting our people down, when there are plenty other races receiving aid also. Not every one wants to depend on aid but they have to just to make ends meet. I know plenty of hard working people that are struggling and work and after they pay their bills they can barely afford food to make it for the next pay week. So what this is America the land of the f*cking “free.” It’s their right to receive help however long their receiving it.I say ride the s*it until the wheels fall of. Hell I bet those in Government have family members or know someone receive aid. So quit bashing your brothers and sister and do something to uplift them. One Love.

  • mandy

    we got money for wars but can’t feed the poor…

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