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Day 26 – Let It Go feat. Roscoe Dash

We heard Day 26 had a new song and got a little excited. Okay, maybe not so much excited as curious. Then we realized it was a “strip club anthem” featuring Roscoe Dash and a heaping serving of autotune. And now we’re a little confused.

50 Cent – Outlaw

This is a new song off the album 50 says probably won’t come out until next year. It makes us miss “Get Rich Or Die Tryin'” 50… cuz this 50 sounds angry. Like he’s pretending not to be mad that no one wants to play with him anymore or something.

The Weeknd – The Birds, pt. 1

If you haven’t heard of The Weeknd yet, know that he is the next hot thing in urban music, courtesy of Toronto. He’s releasing his debut album in three parts. Part one, “House Of Balloons” came out in March. This song is off of part 2, “Thursday” which will be out soon.

Wale – Lacefrontin’

Do you ever get the feeling that Wale is still trying to figure out who he is as an artist a little? Yeah, this song won’t change your mind on that one. Not that it’s bad – we can definitely see it growing on us during a workout or something… But there’s a lot going on.

Kendrick Lamar – Ronald Reagan Era feat. RZA

Over the last few years, there have been dozens of guys to claim that they would be the ones to put the West Coast “back on.” We hope this guy does it. Very rarely do you find a new artist who can be lyrical while still making a song that people who aren’t into “that type of thing” can enjoy. Plus, RZA’s on the jawn.

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  • Uhh Yeah Ok™

    Finally you’re up on The Weekend…

  • Ilovekat


  • bellovely

    yesssssssss day 26 im so excited!!!!!! i was playing your albums the other day.

  • ShoNuff

    I was feeling all of them EXCEPT 50!! that was wack! starting with the first two lines…

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