No Gifts For You: Dads That Don’t Deserve Sh*t For Father’s Day

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We’ve already showed you the best celebrity dads in the world to make you feel all good and warm inside. But not every dad out there has his kid’s best interest at heart. Here are some dads that should get a big steaming pile of poo for Father’s Day.

Anthony Weiner – It was bad enough when it came out that Daddy Long Dong Weiner Man was sending pictures of his schlong to chicks across the world. Then we found out that his wife was PREGNANT, too! He’s starting off on the wrong foot.

Tiki Barber – Tiki left his pregnant wife for a piece of tiny teenybopper a$$. And his life sucks for it. At least Karma gave him the gift of joblessness and irrelevance.

John Edwards – These politicians ain’t no joke. John was dipping his hanging chad into any woman’s ballot box he could get his hands on even while his wife was near-death. Daddy Edwards needs to sit down somewhere.

O.J. Simpson – He has a lifetime spot in the bad dad Hall of Fame for his acts of bad daddery. We’re not going to say that he killed the mother of his kids, but he did write a book about how he would have. That’s being a sh*tty dad.

Joe Jackson – There was a whole movie made about how bad he was as a dad, but acting like a douche and a half right after Michael died earns him a pile of nothing for Father’s Day.

Charlie Sheen – He’s not #Winning dad of the year honors any time soon. Thanks to his whore and coke binges, Sheen had to say goodbye to his kids. That’s probably for the best, anyway.

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    Eddie Murphy – After knocking up Mel B, Eddie tried to deny his new kid and call Mel a hoe that had too many lovers. And running around with Johnny Gill behind your kids’ backs isn’t a good way to function either.

    Mathew Knowles – Dude got fired by his own daughter. Yeah, she still loves him and all that, but Mr. Knowles’ dirty doggery had finally caught up to him.

    Michael Lohan – Sigh…where do we start? Domestic Violence? Check. Drugs? Check. Old-fashioned debauchery? Most definitely. No wonder Lindsay turned out so fantastic.

    Sperminator – So we’re just going to father kids and keep it a secret until the kid is damn near grown? Arnold has two families that don’t want to give him sh*t on Sunday.

    Eddie Long – Eddie loves and cares for kids. They just happen to be other people’s kids. At least he dropped them off with $25 Million to help them through it. His own damn kids need to get away from that crazy man, though.

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