Latina Softball Player Booted Off College Team For Posting Song Lyrics And “Thug” Isht On Facebook

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SMH… This is the wackness! We can’t believe it, but a college softball team just lost one of their star players over some stupid Facebook posts.

Caitlin Ortiz apparently rattled the batting cage with her online comments – rather than her line drives – and ended up losing her scholarship to play softball at Molloy College, according to the federal court suit.

Ortiz, 19, of Huntington Station, L.I., is accusing the team’s coach and athletic director, Susan Cassidy-Lyke, and director of student affairs Robert Houlihan of discriminating against her because she was the only Hispanic member of the team.

The Long Island Federal Court suit, which demands unspecified monetary damages, relates that Ortiz was called on the carpet over two Facebook postings – one containing song lyrics and the other worded in a way that a fellow student perceived as a threat.

“Cassidy-Lyke referred Ortiz to a printout of Ortiz’s Facebook page and stated that Ortiz should not have posted the typo-filled song lyric – [including] ‘andd imm put this drink upp like its my lastt’ – because she did not want recruiters to think Molloy’s softball team was ‘full of thugs,'” according to the complaint.

Ortiz was also grilled about a dispute she had with a housemate in which she posted that she was “tired of fake ass people.”

The housemate responded on Facebook that Ortiz should grow up – “some girls need to put their big girl panties on.”

Ortiz, who claims the original remark was aimed at her ex-boyfriend and not the housemate, shot back: “f— you and who you coming wit be grown up about your s—. I’ll be home if anyone wants to put there [sic] big girl panties on and talk about s—.”

The housemate reported that she felt threatened by Ortiz and did not want to attend the meeting because she was afraid of her.

In her suit, Ortiz says she felt humiliated by the coach’s “thug” comment and that she had been subjected to degrading comments in the past.

In one instance, she said, Cassidy-Lyke warned her that a karaoke song she planned to sing at the team dinner “better be in English.”

Houlihan offered to allow Ortiz to quit the team for academic reasons, but she refused.

She also receives a scholarship for playing on the tennis team.

Molloy spokesman Kevin Young said the college, in Rockville Centre, L.I., will respond to the suit’s allegations in court.

Okay so her posts were a lil out of pocket (Pure Comedy @ big girl panties though!) but we think kicking her off the team was a little extreme, don’t you?

Guess we’ll see what the courts have to say about it.


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