They’ll Honor Anything! Lady Gaga’s Nasty Meat Dress Gets Inducted Into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

- By Bossip Staff

Can we stop encouraging this nonsense?

Lady Gaga took her weird a$$ to the MTV Music Awards in 2010 and rocked a dress made totally out of meat. The dress made a lot of noise and thanks to its originality and all-around rock star-ness, it’s going to land in Cleveland’s Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

Our questions: where did she keep the damn dress this whole time?! In a freezer? Did she ever plan on cooking the meat? Does it still look pink and raw or nasty and full of e. Coli?

If you’re interested, here are more pictures of the meat dress.

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  • BossipIsStupid & Bi-Polar FormerlyKnown as Equinox

    She looks stupid. Wonder how she’s smellin’?

  • Elise10

    Umm did Drake really need to open his mouth that wide…

  • nyob

    I thought this dress had been made into dog food by now! Where has it been kept!?

  • King Beef

    I just got to say it. If this would have been a black artist, you would have had peta and whatever animal rights group all over this ish. This chick is corny by the way!

  • Topdolla

    Release the lions on this weak byotch real shid

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