The Lockout Ain’t No Joke: NFL Player Arrested For Walking Out On $27 Bar Tab

- By Bossip Staff

It looks like the NFL Lockout is taking its toll on a few athletes trying to make a dollar out of 15 cents.

The worst story of penny-pinching comes from NFL free agent and former Super Bowl champ Raheem Brock. He walked out of a $27 bar tab at the Copacabana and didn’t look back. Twenty-seven bucks, dog? That’s two rum and cokes and an O.J.

When police finally got to him, there was a minor struggle and Brock was arrested.

Dude, the Lockout shouldn’t be that bad. He should be able to find a job somewhere without having to skimp out on tabs most of us could cover.

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  • koffybrown

    You know its tough when a NFL player funds are low.

    • Greeneyez712

      Him Cute….Ting!!!!! Lol… I guess he didnt save some money for a rainy day….Hmm…

  • jfizzle

    Ok they sent the cops after him for $27. It cost the city way more to send the cops and arrest him. C’mon it probably was just a misunderstanding.

  • Tr

    Looks like Shannon Brown..

  • 1TruDiva w/the PlatinumVocals!!

    Damn, he fione as hayle! Ida paid his tab but then, we would’ve went straight to CVS to get as razor to shave a damn near uni-brow he has.

    • rose by any other name 350 8914 ™

      LMBAO!!!! unibrow and razors at CVS… LOL!!! girl you crazy!!


    if he didn’t have any money, then he shouldn’t have been in the bar running a tab

  • just me baby

    He look like waka flocka big brother 🙂

  • gina

    PETTY THEFT! Dang real ballers leave $25 tip on a $20 TAB! DUDE YOU are LOOKING really ZESTY 🙂 Cousin Daren dates a guy that rocks the exact same look…lol.

  • Curious1 aka Go Hard or Go Home

    He may have thought he would get a hook-up being a F-Ball player and ish…Probably hasn’t had to actually pay for something for real…vs placed on some tab for his agent to cover later…

    Big Rich Dummy…..!!!

  • Ilovekat


  • mztj

    I went to college with him at temple university…he was cool and i don’t remember trying to freeload…there has to be more to this. I can’t see him just rolling out on them for 27 bucks!

  • Unico

    Oookay… that was stupid. lol

    Besides that, what pretty eyes he has.

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