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Tracy “I Love Gay People” Morgan had a meeting today with homeless LGBT youth today in NYC.

Caption This

CLICK HERE for full release on Tracy Morgan’s meeting at the Ali Forney Center.

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  • kerry

    This is ridiculous.

    • Greeneyez712

      He doing too much…. Dude you apologized already….move the freak on…. Damage is done….all the PR is whack!!!!!!

  • drenk

    get ready to be the gays spokeperson for a loooooooong time

  • Nana

    Awwwww DAMN! Now they got ma man as the face of Gay people! Lmaooooo


    Don’t let um punk you Tracy!

  • Ilovekat


  • goldie

    …al sharpton up do

  • theGeneral

    Tracy Thinkin: ” Don’t Laugh, Tracy, Please Dont Laugh”

  • Sepia830

    LMBAO. You are a straight up fool.

  • Allie

    @Nymphis: You are a damn fool lmao

  • team nymphis

    @ allie

    Thank you so much.

    Any person that can put the same thing in their mouth that they have between their legs is sick In the scalp.and if people are born gay then how can you xplain how straight people are able to make babies?

  • Lanette

    OMG – Tooo funny…lol!

  • Allie

    @Nymphis: No believe me, i am with you 100%, i can like gays and be respectful towards them, but i just can’t wrap my mind around that lifestyle, it’s just beyond me and it’s completely unnatural

  • team nymphis

    I don’t wanna put my dyck in a female cuz vaginas gross me out… and I don’t want to let a guy put his dic n me cuz that’s gross… But I want kids. Gtfoh… If you’re gay then you forfeit your rights to have kids.

  • Allie

    @nymphis: exactly

  • Come On Now!!!

    Come on now, they doing too much. He already apologized, what they want him to wear rainbow suits next?! Man, they too sensitive, Bill O’Reily and them stay stuff about black folks all the time, do we have the NAACP sending them to inner city schools sitting and talking to little black kids?

  • Ugh they can really go over board

    Y are they so f’n dramatic about everything that ish is not cute its annoying… Gay ppl need to get a grip and learn to b civil if they want to be excepted…. There are a few civil ones but the majority are trifflen. They are also very double standard. They feel its wrong for str8 ppl to treat them wrong or do foul things to them but they turn right around nd treat str8 ppl with disregard nd disrespect. A hate crime should work both ways whether it be str8 on gay or gay on str8. Gays do hate on str8 ppl all day every day… Nd that right there will be taken to congress soon bc they are getting out of control and besides themselves…

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