Love It When They Got A Good Poppa! BOSSIP’s Best Black Dads On The Big Screen

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Black dads get a bad rap, off and onscreen. Sometimes it’s deservedly so, other times they don’t get the credit they deserve. With Father’s Day taking place Sunday we wanted to celebrate some of our favorite dads from the big screen. None of them were perfect, but most of the ones we picked were chosen because they did what dads are sposed to do — they were there for their kids, they were protective of their kids and they wanted the best for their kids.

Have a look at the list, and be sure to let us know who we missed!

Delroy Lindo in “Crooklyn”

Idris Elba in “Daddy’s Little Girls”

Don Cheadle in “Hotel Rwanda”

Laurence Fishburne “Boyz’N’The Hood”

Will Smith in “Pursuit Of Happyness”

Denzel Washington in “John Q”

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    Danny Glover “Lethal Weapon” movies

    Bill Cosby In “Ghost Dad”

    Keith David in “ATL”

    Eddie Murphy in “Doctor DoLittle” and “Imagine That”

    John Witherspoon in “Friday”

    James Earl Jones and John Amos both played fathers who wanted the best for their kids in “Coming To America”

    Samuel L. Jackson in “A Time To Kill”

    Earl Billings in “Something New”

    Tyrese In “Waist Deep”

    Liam Neeson “Taken”

    Yeah yeah, we know he’s not black — but we had to give him an honorary pass as one of the best dads to ever grace the silver screen. Papa don’t take no mess!

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    • Ms. Gottabody

      YES! taken is the sh!t. U guys should do small screen 2 like uncle phil from the fresh prince of bel-air and so on

    • gina

      Y’all really need to lose the baby daddy/baby mama Jerry Springer and Muray Show terminology! Its a mockery and a insult! ” he my baby daddy….you da daddy….my baby”. Rappers mock the heck out of that term and its always followed up with bitter bish went the female ask for child support.

    • http://youtube crystal

    • Juliemango

      Happy fathers day to all the dads, Great and small!!!

    • Big Chuck

      Liam does get the honorary nod. You also have to give it up to Sidney Poitier in “raisin in the sun” TV dads big ups also!

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