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The record industry is fighting against its own death. And one way it’s fighting is by trying to screw artists left and right. Maybe that’s why we see rappers and singers tweeting and fussing about how much they hate their labels.

Fiddy has been screaming about his Interscope troubles, but he isn’t the only one to hate his label. Here’s a history of artists with serious label issues.

Dr. Dre – As one of the best producers in the game, Dre was ready to leave Death Row. But Suge was making Dr. Dre’s life a living Hell. Thankfully, the good doctor was allowed to be set free so that he could release one album every decade.

Jay-Z – The Camel had a unique approach to business when he started resenting his Roc-a-Fella home: he destroyed the label. That’s one way to get it done. Give Dame Dash a hug when you see him.

50 Cent – Things are going so badly for Fiddy that he’s been on Twitter complaining about how his album won’t come out. But this probably has more to do with the fact that his music has been hot, wet garbage lately. And that curl might not have been the best career move, holmes.

Prince – He hated Warner Bros. so much that he changed his freaking name to get from under their rulership. He didn’t even change it to “George” or “Hezekiah.” Nope, he went with a symbol we couldn’t pronounce. Dope.

Michael Jackson – MJ was having label troubles so he got the help of his buddy Al Sharpton to accuse his label of being racist. The whole thing was bizarre and never quite went anywhere, but MJ was pissed!

Lupe Fiasco – Everyone’s favorite Obama-hating rapper also hated his record label for a bit. Atlantic Records wouldn’t put out his album, so Lupe got his fans to protest and act all fanatical. Then, when the album finally dropped, Lupe said that the label made him create a crappy album. Some people just can’t ever be pleased.

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    Outkast – When Big Boi’s album dropped last year, everyone expected there to be a bunch of ‘Kast songs on it. Big thought so, too. But Jive records wouldn’t let Dre show up on Big’s album for another label. That’s fawked up!

    Everyone That’s Ever Signed To Bad Boy…Ever – Diddy is notorious for his treatment of his artists. He fired Danity Kane and Day 26. The LOX were begging to leave the label. The list goes on and on. Hell, you may even have to walk to Brooklyn for cheesecake if you sign with Bad Boy.

    Katy Perry – Sometimes Katy just wants to be naughty. And with boobage like she has, why don’t we let her do just that? Perry has shown frustration with the fact her label won’t let her just let loose. We’re protesting, too!

    Public Enemy – Fight the power! Sometimes that means fighting the label. And PE took their talents independent by releasing albums on their own and saying fawk the labels! Flavor Flav just decided to make chicken and bang skanks on national television.

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    • YesCubanB

      Sony was pretty grimey as far as MJ was/is still concerned.

    • Christielove1468

      Diddy has always been a dirty,low down dog. Any artist would be a fool to sign up with Bad Boy,Diddy is an egotistical jerk. Prince was very smart in how he escaped from Warner Bros,and i believed Michael Jackson’s claims about Sony being racist. Suge Knight is an evil,fat,baldheaded dog.I can’t stand him and was glad that he got beat up twice!

    • ca$his

      At least y’all put descriptions and names in this one

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      nice article

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