SMH: Republican Senator Popped For Driving Drunk, Crashing, And Stealing SUV After A “Father’s Day Eve Party”

- By Bossip Staff

What a way to spend Father’s Day!

Idaho State Senator John McGee was arrested in the wee hours of Sunday for drunken driving and suspicion of felony grand theft after he was found sleeping in a stranger’s truck which he took without authorization. The incident was set off with a Father’s Day eve party which McGee attended. The 38-year-old Senator, who had been named the ‘Republican Legislator of the Year’ in 2006, began drinking at a Bois golf course late in the evening on Saturday.

While walking back from the club house a little before 3 AM, he spotted a stranger’s SUV which was attached to a trailer. The vehicle was unlocked and the keys were inside. He got in the truck and drove away but got the truck and the trailer stuck on the driveway while trying to turn around.

He allegedly slept in the vehicle after a time, at which point two children in the house from where he took the SUV called up the police. A breathalyzer test conducted by the police showed that he had consumed twice the amount of alcohol Idaho rules permit. McGee, who is married and has a daughter, will be arraigned in court on Monday.

Seems like everyone had it poppin this Father’s day weekend. SMH.


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  • YesCubanB

    now THAT’S how you party. These politicians nowadays are starting to make colege kids look like angels.

  • Rawlo

    I’m dying over yescubanb’s name, one of the funniest lines in half baked

  • gina

    Kiss your career goodbye…you wont be relected! Lawmakers are lawbreakers!

  • MissDeshay

    You guys sure did give this article the perfect title. After reading just the title alone all I could do was SMH!! When will these politicians learn?!

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