Mixed Men Make It Rain Too: A Look At Multi-Racial Men That Made Waves In The World

- By Bossip Staff
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The ladies had their turn last week, so now it’s time to highlight (no pun intended) some mixed men that make it monsoon for you sistahs out there.

The Rock – The half-African-American half-Samoan big man made it rain in wrestling rings across the world. Now, he’s doing his thing on the big screen. He pays homage with his Samoan tattoo and even did a Samoan dance during the closing credits of one of his flicks.

Barack Obama – We all know about Obeezy’s mixed-race heritage. When trying to discredit his run to the presidency, people were saying he wasn’t truly an African-American. Then, they turned around and said he was actually born in Africa. Which one was it?!

Drake – His daddy is Black and his momma is Jewish. Drizzy hasn’t shied away from his non-gangsta past, which he’s gotta be commended for. Are there any other famous rappers that are at least in-part Jewish?

Tiger Woods – Remember when he said he was Cabacablasian or something off the wall like that? He’s a mixed bag…but the women he loves are 100 percent homogenous grade-A white milk.

The Hughes Brothers – They’ve directed some legendary flicks and most notoriously caught a monumental a$$ beating from Tupac. If you haven’t seen Menace II Society or Dead Presidents, you’re missing out.

Bob Marley – Bet you didn’t know that one of the greatest songwriters of the 20th century was mixed, did you? There’s possibly no other musician in the last 100 years as famous as Bob. And he’s mixed! Whattayaknow?

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    Boris Kodjoe – He’s the son of a German woman and Ghanaian man. And ladies love the result. Fellas, she’s probably thought about him at least once while you were trying to chop it down. Sorry.

    Carmelo Anthony – With one Puerto Rican parent, Melly Mel is probably the most accomplished Hispanic baller in the league. Viva la Carmelo.

    Craig David – He used to be corny as sh*t. Then, when he got chiseled and all that, he finally got your attention. And you say you like a guy for his personality. Yeah right.

    Derek Jeter – He’s mixed and living the life. Dude has had more models and famous chicks than a Victoria’s Secret catalogue. Must be nice.

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    • DumbShit

      NO ONE CARES! Great does not live here

    • Do Tell

      MELO is Black tha END! Ain’t no da dang Hispanic player LMBO!! Yea yea yea I know his pops is rican. Obama mom is white what is everybody callin him the 1st black president.

    • nympho-maniac

      what about shemar moore, chico debarge, and other hotties?

    • Yooo

      I getting dumber every time I read a article from a blk gossip site

    • mshampton

      This article wack and has no point half the people on here u didn’t even list what they mixed with…this is lazy and sloppy work

    • gina

      Mixed…lol…our female dog got loose every male dog in the neighborhood humped her now we got a litter of “MIXED” we don’t exactly what they are but the puppies are really cute. Mixed people really! Use that, impose that silly azz insult in our presence calling us or referring to us as ” mixed” and we will rip you a new one “azz hole”! BISH WE ARE AFRICAN AMERICANS NOT AFRAID TO SAY WE ARE. YOU ALL NEED TO LET THAT PLANTATION MENTALITY GO!

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    • Jennifer

      Y’all might get offended for been called “mixed”…. But that’s what a person with parents of different races is. I’m Hispanic. My husband is black and my son is MIXED. he’s not just black. He has as much of my race as he has of his dad… So he is MIXED.

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