A “Lil Positivity” Naomi Campbell’s Ballin’ Billionaire Boyfriend To Sell His Custom Sports Car To Raise Money For Haiti [PICS]

- By Bossip Staff

Sak pase Vladimir! We’re sure the people of Haiti will appreciate the gesture.

Vladimir Doronin is giving up one of his luxury sports cars to raise money for Haiti. The Russian billionaire boyfriend of Naomi Campbell bought a special-edition “Naomi for Haiti” Lotus Evora for half a million dollars at Campbell’s Fashion for Relief runway show in London last year. But he’s putting the car, one of only eight produced, up for auction at the Edeyo Foundation event tomorrow at the Dream Downtown. Among guests who could put up big bucks for the never-driven vehicle include Sean Avery, New York Knick Jared Jeffries and Paz de la Huerta.

Considering that he paid half-a-mil for the custom wheels, he should def raise a nice chunk of change for the country that so desperately needs it.


Also, peep a few pics from Naomi’s launch event for her new line of women’s jeans

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  • Asia

    Its nice to see people still keeping the relief efforts in Ayiti alive with all thats going on in the world…Mesi

  • Koko

    now thats great thats what a lot of these rappers need to do instead of trickin wit these bit$$es at majic city n wastin it on dope

  • gina

    Wealthy Media hoes…protecting their investments in Haiti…

  • Koko

    @gina fu$$ girl n go eat a di$$ on this site criticizing people cus u dont have a life u sound like a low self esteem ignorant bit$$ wanna kick peope down cus ur down i lift people up no matter what situation they in cus i love eveyone even ur low worthless a$$

  • nursedred

    @gina I hope you never lose your job become disabled or have a disaster strike your area because having to ask for help might kill you

  • gina

    Everyone in american hopes nothing happens because whining azz hoes like you and generations of baby mamas and grandmas have already bankruptcy the systems! Dumb bishes folks pulled out because of the scrams corruption and the voodoo!

  • gina

    Koko free humping hoes like you are 80% of the problem! Begging bish.

    Nursered do some research and acknowledged the scam! Many humanitarian efforts left because of the BS! Dummies

  • gina

    @Koko only a low self esteem hoe of the worst kind like you with a broke azz baby daddy and no dad expects anything from a RAPPER…HOE FALL BACK! Free Di*k is your hobby! Beggar! You

  • Koko

    Gina u really have mental issues tearing people down to make urself feel good i feel sorry for u must had a really screwed up childhood n go around blaiming everyone i love u though girl things will get better but u have to believe that n stop knockin everyone we all made mistakes it will b ok

  • white male

    Selling his 500,000 dollar car, what a saint!

  • Ronny

    She is one of the most beautiful beings on the earth. I think she may be responsible for his selling of the car though.

  • gina

    Koko you dont love yourself! Your a beggar that has had horrible childhood ok! Stop with the sorry Psych 101 crapping. Your a fake coward and a dumb azz anybody that think a rapper owes them anything is truly a bottom feeder. Naomi and rich guy are protecting his investments in Haiti funding that mess that keeps the people at each others throats
    feeding from the bottom …..do some research and stfu. Billionaires pay that kinda money for COOHIE! I am not impressed with him selling a car he doesn’t want. Stop trying to blame people nobody tore you down and no its not anyone’s fault you were born into some begging BS!

  • Forreals

    Gina go take ur meds. U goin crazee gurl! I’m wit Koko. Theze ignant azz ninja rappers could stand to build up a community in Haiti with they money since they ninja azzes play such a big role in destroying so many communities here in America with they ignorance!

  • gina

    Y’all broke hoes with SSI baby daddy kids on meds….you better go medicate your kids..lol

  • gina

    @Anne nicole you old dead hoe….you better make sure your baby daddy,,,, SSI kids take their meds.

  • gina

    @Anna nicole
    Your listing the meds you give your trick baby SSI RECIPIENT CHILDREN…dead hoe



    You alright lil mama? While I agree that entertainers owe anyone anything. It’s always good to give back no matter what status you have in life.

    I don’t think the Bloggers are stating that it is an entertainers primary responsibility to give back to their community. It’s always a nice gesture.

  • King Beef

    Lmao!!! Man yall went stupid on this one!!

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