“Daddy Don’t Play That” UPDATE: Mother Of Teen Sniper Victim Says The Shooter Is A Hero, Not A Criminal!

- By Bossip Staff

Wow, we definitely didn’t see THIS coming…

The Brooklyn man who allegedly opened fire on a bunch of rowdy teens is a hero, not a menace, says the mother of one of his inadvertent victims.

Thomas Dunikowksi, who was arraigned on attempted-murder and weapons charges yesterday, was “just trying to protect us,” said Larisa Kaprovskaya, whose 21-year-old daughter was hit in the leg in the wild Saturday-night shooting.

“They started to come here and were kicking my car,” she said of the gang of 20 teens. “They were screaming at my face. They started to surround us. And then I heard the shooting. It was like the Fourth of July.”

New details have emerged on one of the teens that was injured in the shooting spree.

One of the youths was shot in collarbone and had to have a lung removed during emergency surgery, while the other victim was hit with shrapnel in the arm, and Kaprovskaya, who was sitting nearby, was hit by fragments in the knee, prosecutors said.

Several of the teens who witnessed the shooting said that Dunikowksi earlier assaulted one of the youths.

“We saw him drinking beforehand, beer or wine — and he threw something at the group,” said Sal Migano.

Adam, 16, said his best friend was one of those shot by Dunikowksi.

“My friend looked at me that night and told me he didn’t want to die,” he said. “I was lying on the ground with him.”

“Hero” is a pretty misguided use of the word. Sounds like these teenage kids were definitely out of pocket, but why not just call the police on their bad a**es? Pulling out a rifle and bucking shots like Remy in ‘Higher Learning’ isn’t gonna hold up in front of “your honor”…

Do you feel like this guy was justified in using his gun to shoo these kids away?

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  • gina

    Dang Dude you wasted perfectly good bullets on some trifling azz folks that were going to jail anyway and would have killed each by the end of the summer. Oh well now your going to jail for life! Its best to live in the most modest house in town than to live in apartments buildings that have those elements. Yes we screen …maybe even discriminate but we have not evicted anyone or had a domestic incident at any of our properties the past 5 years! Degreed young adults, Middle age employed, gay couples, and elderly with only…..they are awesome tenants! We gave each of the $100 Lowes cards AND SUMMER MONTH RENT DEDUCTION ….they pimp their patios, take care of the yard and always asking can they upgrade something!

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