Epitome Of A Bad Mother: 5-Year-Old Dies From Internal Injuries After Mom Beats Him For Breaking The T.V.

- By Bossip Staff

This is just horrible. The precious lil boy pictured is 5-year-old Jamar Johnson, who died Friday from internal injuries. Johnson’s 21-year-old mother, Kim Crawford is now facing murder and manslaughter charges after admitting she beat Jamar because he broke the television while playing Nintendo Wii.

Kim Crawford, 21, smacked Jamar Johnson in his back and stomach on June 13 “harder than I’ve ever hit him,” she told cops.

Crawford watched him vomit and complain of agonizing pain for five days as his internal injuries got worse. She never took him to the hospital because she feared getting arrested, she told investigators.

“I was worried they’d see the bruises and I’d get in trouble,” she told cops.

WHAT THE FU*K??? So you let him die??? And now you are in even worse trouble.

Jamar’s death was reportedly caused by an infection to his lacerated pancreas and intestine. He was eventually taken to Montefiore Medical Center, where he died late Friday.

On Monday prosecutors charged Crawford with murder and manslaughter. She was ordered held without bond.

“I can’t believe this,” Jamar’s dad said outside court.

We can’t either…

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  • Asia

    My God they key word to develop when you have children….PATIENCE. Animals out here doing the devils work. I pray for kids today..maybe its all the flouride in the water but society has wagged war against kids.

  • Cantria

    She deserves the death penalty.

  • Cantria

    She deserves the death sentence

  • liife

    ….and yet so many struggle and aren’t able to have children.

  • sasha

    This is the sad result of a society that places importance on MATERIAL THINGS AND NOT EACH OTHER!

    How could a t.v. be that serious to you that it drives you INSANE?? SMFH

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