Mixed Men Making It Rain Pt. 2: More Multiracial Brothers Doin’ It Big

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Since you enjoyed seeing those mixed man cakes yesterday, we’re back with round two. You didn’t think we’d leave you hanging with just 10 examples of multiracial man goodies, did you?

Let’s take a look at a few more mixed men that you love.

Shemar Moore – Go ahead and swoon, ladies. Don’t worry, we’ll wait.

You finished?

Ok, moving on. Needless to say, Shemar’s mixed man meat is on your mind all the time. Which mixed man wins, though? Shemar or Boris? Talk amongst yourselves.

Jason Kidd – The mixed star is one of the greatest point guards of all time. He just beat the Shady Trio to win his first championship with the Mavs. Congrats!

Malcolm X – His mother is a half-white product of a rape victim. Malcolm used this fact to further his message about the “devilish” white blood running through his veins. Of course, he softened his stance later in life. And people forget that Malcolm is of mixed race, too.

Smokey Robinson – Before Shemar and Boris, there was Smokey. You best believe there’s a 77 percent chance you were conceived to one of his records.

Tony Parker – Yes, he’s won some NBA championships, but he’s banged Eva Longoria. That’s something all mixed men should be proud of. He did it for the whole team.

Tyson Beckford – Didn’t know he was a quarter Asian did you? Yup. Even when they’re chocolaty like Tyson they could still be mixed. Gotcha!

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    Rick Fox – Rick. Fox. A Rick Named Slickback even had a white actress play his mom on The Game for an episode. Yes, that hair is naturally that way, ladies.

    Vin Diesel – For some reason, he’s kept his heritage a secret. Don’t be shamed, Vinny! It’s not a big deal to us, but the fact that you’re keeping it a secret is kind of odd.

    Mario Van Peebles – Mario is a legendary director and actor. He’s even played Malcolm X in Will Smith’s Ali.

    Blake Griffin – He’s the rookie of the year and the new biggest NBA star on the horizon. He jumps off freaking cars!

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    • BydLady

      I don’t remember seeing Lenny Kravitz on either list…

    • missj21

      Since when is Grant Hill’s mom white? I’ve seen a pic of her and she looked like a light skinned black woman to me….

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