Swizz Beatz Flosses For PAPER Mag: “It’s Time People Know Who My Friends Are And Who I’m Affiliated With”

- By Bossip Staff

Swizz Beatz covers the Music Issue of Paper Magazine and we have to say his swagger is on about 10 thousand billion in the accompanying article. Swizzy is talking that isht, bragging about his current collaborations with Christian Louboutin and Aston Martin as well as his famous friends who he enlisted for his third album Haute Living:

“Man, I crossed bridges in the industry that should stop water,” he says. “Me coming from the South Bronx and partnering up with Christian Louboutin — we’re not supposed to be in that world!”

As for Haute Living, his third album under his own name, he hopes people hear his “growth” as a musician. Swizz has changed some things up, so he can be, he says, “properly judged and compared” to other superstar producers like Dr. Dre, Timbaland and Kanye West. On the album, Swizz has updated his trademark sound. Where there was once nothing but industrial-sounding drums and synthesizers, there are splashes of live instrumentation and melodies. “I still believe less is more — that’s still my concept — but you have to evolve,” he says.

The guest stars on his new album are also a testament to Swizz’s evolution as an artist
and producer. On his first two albums, 2002’s G.H.E.T.T.O Stories, and 2007’s One Man Band Man, Swizz showcased unknown talents like the rapper Cassidy. Haute Living is a star-studded affair. Though he still records with many members of the Ruff Ryders camp (Eve is the featured MC on Haute Living’s first single “Coolin’ (Everyday)”), Swizz’s lineup of guests
is extremely impressive: There’s Bono and Lenny Kravitz to show Swizz’s rock bona fides;
John Legend for some melodic texture; and when it came to MCs only the cream of the crop were allowed on, including Jay-Z, Kanye West and Lil’ Wayne. “I thought that it was time people know who my friends are and who I’m affiliated with,” Swizz says.

Who he’s affiliated with? How about getting folks to care about who he is instead?

SMH… Could he be more braggadocious? Do you think Swizzy has earned his bragging rights? Or is it just that we’re more used to rappers boasting and producers being humble?

Keep reading for another excerpt and more photos from PAPER Mag

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  • http://chasemoneyteam.com ca$his

    He’s more likable when he’s behind the scenes. Less is more when it comes to this guy

  • gina

    Rflol at that body…..lol…yea your bragging dude. Swiss Beats said…..he only likes rich people and all a broke poor azz can folks can do is adore him and buy your music. Have you ever meet anyone that received any benefits from these rich peoples charties or foundations? I sure would like to use my MSW to pimp one for a 2 million in salary and gave away $500 in food to some folks that already have food stamps.

  • Cypher

    Is he really standing there with no f*#king shirt on?! Really? Too early for this…

  • kboo

    I just threw up in my mouth.

  • Caitlin

    He looks like freakin Skelatore…get outta here.

  • Miss tahbee

    Swizz better put his shirt back on. Only alicia wants to see that. Eew!

  • Brittany roundtree

    He looks good! Stop hatin on him! Id lick his d!ck any day!

  • Swizz eat

    please go eat a 2 piece and a biscuit

  • Monique

    He is making be moves…why can’t he be proud of that I am sure he put in work and is going to come correct o support him

  • Monique

    He is making big moves why can’t he be proud of that…I am sure he put in work..and is going to come correct…I support him

  • Janay

    That body is flabby and skinny (how is that?) whilst covered in buckshots. Put a shirt on bruh.

  • Juliemango

    Not as skinny as i tht. Nice pics!!!

  • D-Lux

    Put that bird chest away!

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  • Ms Val Dizzle

    Unattractive! Follow me on twitter @ValerieCharlene

  • sanfranpsycho

    dude look like ghandi after he finished his hunger strike, pls put ur shirt back on asap

  • Pink Lace

    Is this really what Mashonda was pressed over? This nicca looks like a starving baby bird…

  • Sean

    Hes a brilliant producer but hes morally bankrupt

  • http://twitter @starndahood

    He isnt bragging, swizz been doing his thing since he was like 17 years old, he is crazy talented and has a great swag!

  • Redbonelicious

    Lol at the comments. So true Swizz ur to pale and skinny ewww!

  • TheRider

    That ninja came up when he hooked up with Alicia, now he think he’s the ish? Sit down & stay behind the scenes, play your part, no one gave a damn about his a** before.

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