A Wedding Ring Does Not Make You A Relationship Expert

- By Bossip Staff

These days, it’s confusing to know who to take relationship advice from. On one end, you’ve got thrice-married Steve Harvey selling books in lines so long I’d swear they’re giving government cheese with every hard copy sold. Then you have perpetually single men and women who claim to be “relationship” coaches, but might just want to stick to little league softball. And the last, and perhaps most obnoxious group, is one that I belong to: the “I’s married so you just need to listen to what I say!” crew.

Of course, I’m not talking about me. I would never do that.

This is the bunch that will fill your head with glitter and unicorns about how if you keep your hair and nails done, learn to cook, don’t be too dumb, don’t be too smart, be a freak in the bedroom and Betty Crocker in the kitchen, and the Pine Sol lady in the rest of the house, let your man run the streets and take the lead, even if it’s into a ditch…

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