Southern Comfort: Black New Yorkers Moving Down South For New Life And Better Opportunity

- By Bossip Staff

Many African-Americans are leaving the big city lights in NYC, and trading it in for more space, comfort, and opportunity down South:
Via NYTimes:

The economic downturn has propelled a striking demographic shift: black New Yorkers, including many who are young and college educated, are heading south.

About 17 percent of the African-Americans who moved to the South from other states in the past decade came from New York, far more than from any other state, according to census data. Of the 44,474 who left New York State in 2009, more than half, or 22,508, went to the South, according to a study conducted by the sociology department of Queens College for The New York Times.

The movement is not limited to New York. The percentage of blacks leaving big cities in the East and in the Midwest and heading to the South is now at the highest levels in decades, demographers say.

Many black New Yorkers who are already in the South say they have little desire to return to the city, even though they get wistful at the mention of the subways or Harlem nights.

Danitta Ross, 39, a real estate broker who used to live in Queens, said she moved to Atlanta four years ago after her company, responding to the surge in black New Yorkers moving south, began offering relocation seminars. She helped organize them, and became intrigued.

Ms. Ross said she had grown up hearing stories at the dinner table about segregation. She said the Atlanta she discovered was a cosmopolitan place of classical music concerts, interracial marriage and opulent houses owned by black people.

A single mother, she said that for $150,000, she was buying a seven-room house, with a three-car garage, on a nice plot of land. Ms. Ross said she had experienced some culture shock in the South, and had been surprised to find that blacks tended to self-segregate, even in affluent neighborhoods.

She said that the South — not New York — was now home.

“People in Georgia have a different mind-set and life is more relaxed and comfortable here,” she said. “There is just a lot more opportunity.”


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  • JAZZ

    Come to the south, but puh-lease dont taint it with yalls city slicker mentality…

  • I hear u!


  • Teyana

    Plz dont insult us city ppl.. Because the majority of hoodrat news is from the south sooooo sit down.

  • Yyyyyy???

    Please just don’t comet my town we don’t need the bs!!!

  • gaping azzhole


  • Naomi

    Why do New Yorkers front like the south is any more racist than they are. I lived in Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, and the south; and honestly NYC is one of the most racist cities I’ve ever lived in. Trust they are just a segregated in NYC and its not the people segregating themselves, its the landlords, realtors, and the people.

  • Nana

    I’m Jersey all day and I don’t understand most of the stuff people from the South say…! So why would I wonna move there??? Miss me

  • ByrdLady

    Wow, y’all kill me…north vs south. Can’t we all just get along.

  • Naomi


    For real? I’m an Army brat so I don’t claim anywhere, but let’s be real – I have a hard time understanding people in NJ too. The retarded slang coupled with the nasal whiny accent is as painful to my ears as the southern drawl. As choosing the South over NJ, not sure what part of Jersey u reside but most of it looks like it should be condemned esp in the inner city. There’s a reason why they call NJ NYC’s toilet.

  • Nicole

    Ummm Naomi several of the wealthiest counties and cities in the country are in NJ. Slums in NJ are the exception so obviously you just lived in the crappy part. I have lived in Upper Saddle River (Whitney Houston lived like two streets from me for a while) Wayne and Medford and my parents currently reside in Jefferson and Somerset counties. NJ is VERY wealthy state. Ever heard of Alpine??

    I lived in the South until I was 13 and love it but NJ is awesome. And there are 2 different so-called Jersey accents- people from South have Philly accents, people from North have New York accents and people from Central either have no accent or have the North/South accent.

  • Nana

    @Naomi lmaoo I guess u TOLD us….although I don’t agree wit u!

  • Yawnnnnn!

    NJ is a NEGATIVE! The best thing about NJ is the Jersey Shore and I ain’t talking about tha CITY I’m talking about the SHOW! Whoever said NJ is a great STATE! Needs A HO STFU AWARD! Yea, I said it.. You can disagree with me all you want too.. I live in that little azz state for 12 years. It’s borning ain’t crap to do. HALF of the chicks ova there are UGLY AZZ H.E.L.L! Now ATL is the most over-rated STATE to exist on this Country. If your a sista and you want a black man don’t move there you be more confuse than a bisexual person. I stay there for 8 years as well.. And I dated and the men ova there had me so confuse.. All them gays.. When I 1st move there I thought it was a fiction but as I came to grow with the city I notice all these dwn low brothers. And I had enough and just move to Vegas.. Now I’m happy. The best thing about ATL is it’s cheap that’s it.

  • southerngirl...

    i can’t understand a thing that people from new jersey say ya’ll act like southern people are the only ones who have accents!! Get it right!
    and as for ya’ll being one of the richest states it’s because more that’s half of ya’ll are in the damn mob. You mean to tell me you don’t work a 9 to 5 but you live in a home that cost millions hmmmm…. Is it just me or does that not add up?? Come on down to the south there’s nothing wrong with us, stop the stereotyping!! Because you’ll say something to the wrong person and beat!!

  • southerngirl...

    and whoever said the southern people have a philly accent you’re dead wrong!!!!!!!
    i may have misread your comment but from how i’m reading your saying we have a philly accent i disargee with that strongly!! But hey what do i know i was just born and raised in the south i’ve spent time on the east and west coast and up north. And i can truely say this we all have different accents.

  • Givemeabreak

    i have a gut feeling that this is what the powers that be want… They price things so high to where blacks cant afford to live it forces them to leave the cities… They dont want us here at all… They are pushing us out so they dont have to interact with us… Once we leave its a wrap… You’ll need to win the lottery just to move back to where u were born…

  • southernswagg

    I’m so sick of yall hatin on the south…get a life

  • I Aint Mad at Ya

    uuugh . . . ATL is a CITY . . not a STATE !

  • 2Sweet

    Houston and Dallas are the best southern cities.

  • Delta K

    Dallas is the BOMB! Good people, phat homes, great hospitality and food.

  • leslie

    The whites just want to take over New York and run you negros and negresses down south. First Queens, then Bklyn now Harlen next the Boogie Down Bx

  • side eye

    the east cost is high as he*l to live in period unless you are making so much paper it doesnt matter. There is a high rate of crime but that’s EVERWHERE . Especially IF PEOPLE DONT want to WORK, AND RATHER GO thieving. Signs that the city u live is too expensive; u have no money left over after paying bills, u have no money for gas, u have to buy 1 dollar tissue paper, u have to ask your parents for money to buy food for your fridge. Then its time to move to a city thats affordable. Not the east or west(california) coast!!!

  • queen of mean

    well I jus wanna say I feel as though more black people come to the south because they feel as thought you get more for ur money such as housing and so on and who really WANTS to deal with those cold azz winters I know I didn’t and that was one of my main reasons and to start MY OWN bizz to become financially independent from corporate america I didn’t get my masters to punch a damn clock…… how bout dem apples.

  • Hottest Milf


    That is SO TRUE…(Case Closed)#THAT IS ALL

  • gina

    @another 48 hours
    You broke it down 🙂

  • Shootingstar

    I can’t believe people are arguing over north vs south! Seriously?

    I live in Harlem but I can def see the advantages of living down south (dirt cheap cost of living, weather, more laid back) as well as appreciate the overwhelming pro’s & con’s of living in the city.

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