Watch Out Odd Future: Breezy And His Block Bullies Are Huggin’ The Corner Something Tough

- By Bossip Staff

Breezy took a break from cyber-thuggin’ it up on the interwebs to visit a recording studio in Hollyweird with the homies and his ever present bodyguard… Those Odd Future guys aren’t about to catch him slippin’!

He is ready to bust a pop lock on that azz! Breezy’s custom Lambo was also parked outside. You would think he would find another overpriced vehicle to whip around, after, well, you know…


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  • Lucky10_13

    You sound like a hater 4 real, dayum!!

  • Godson

    Agreed. U really do. Let the dude live.

  • happy

    breezy king of the twitter thugs! A soprano with tats go together like cookies & milk.

  • Nana

    I feel like the Odd future cokeheads picked a fight wit Breezy on purpose! They hella talented tho

  • loc

    Odd future some no talent devil worshippers…

  • Hi HO!

    1st of all why are they wearing sweat pants it was 89 degrees yesterday in L.A! Do they want a Heat Stroke.. And 2nd but most importantly who is that in the Blue Shirt he needs to turn around so I can see his whole face. He kinda looks Cute..

  • liquidfi

    It’s good beef though now everyone who doesn’t know who ofwtka is will know who they are due to the beefing. Just like nobody knew Kat Stacks before she was beefing with rappers for telling business.

  • alwaysme


    He sure 🙂

  • @iCandi001

    Odd future who?
    Chris is soooo handsome.


    Chris is soooo handsome.

  • Ivy

    Yeah chris and Rihanna forever……

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