Trust Issues: When Stars Make Promises To Their Fans…And Break Them

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One reason we become fans is because we feel like we’ve developed a certain type of near-friendly relationship with our celebrities. But sometimes these celebs break their promises. And we have a hard time forgiving them. Here are some people that made promises they just couldn’t keep.

Dr. Dre – Dre has been promising to put out Detox for the last 10 years. We’re convinced that BS will never come out. Save it, Dre.

Outkast – They promised a reunion many, many moons ago. But they haven’t put out an album in forever. They’re keeping our hopes up, but we’re losing patience. We need our Outkast!

Jay-Z and Kanye West – Are we ever getting their mythological album? We heard March, then the 4th of July. We don’t believe you, you need more people!

DMX – Wasn’t he going on the straight and narrow? Wasn’t he going to stay out of jail? Yeah, he said that the time before the last time he got locked up.

LeBron James – At the beginning of the season, Bron Bron promised his fans that he would win seven championships. Then he choked on a big one in the NBA Finals. Miami fans are probably pissed these days.

The Rock – He promised that he’d never leave wrestling. Then that Disney money started rolling in and he chucked his deuces quicker than you could say “Tooth Fairy”.

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    Lupe Fiasco – He promised to be the smart rapper that would defend Hip-Hop. Then he went to talking crazy, spouting sh*t about Obama then going on Bill O’Reilly sounding kind of like a clown. We liked you better when you just rapped and stopped that crazy talk.

    Rihanna – She said she’d be letting her fans down if she went back to Chris Brown. Not that she has, but it seems like they’re at least talking. She hasn’t broken her promise yet, but we’re checking for it.

    Barack Obama – He’s done a good job as President, but we can’t forget that he made a whole lotta promises that he hasn’t kept yet. We’re still unemployed and struggling. Let’s get that together, Barry!

    50 Cent – What is it with these Interscope guys? Fiddy can’t get a new album out to save his life despite the fact he’s been promising one for a while now. He gave us that S-curl…which we didn’t quite ask for.

    LAPD – These muhfuggas promised that they’d try to find out who killed Biggie and Pac. They haven’t done sh*t yet. Clowns.

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