How Long is Too Long To Wait For “I Love You”?

- By Bossip Staff

How soon into a relationship should you and your man be throwing around the words, “I love you?”

During college, I was in a relationship with a guy for over a year and a half. We had been through hell and high water together–a vindictive ex of mine on campus, his constant acquisitions of female friends that unintentionally started drama–and like most men do in the beginning, he pursued me to no end to be his girlfriend. But once the relationship got going fast, things seemed to be moving a little too slow. Well, maybe just for me. That vindictive ex? He said “I love you” faster than those talking dolls from back in the day, and when he said it, we were just talking again after a break up, and had been doing so for maybe a month? It came out so fast that I didn’t feel it in return and wound up lying and saying it back, only to retract it like a jerk. With that experience in the bag, I think I just assumed as a young woman still learning about love, that it wouldn’t take too long or too much the next time around. Call me spoiled.

In my next relationship, after the emotionally pressed ex, I said “I love you” first, and it was probably the worst idea ever. I say that because once the words are said, the pressure is on. (Continue reading…)

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