Hide Ya Kids, Hide Ya Wife: 40 Members Of Al-Qaeda Escape From Jail

- By Bossip Staff

Um…can we hurry up and find these guys, please?

40 Al-Qaeda prisoners escaped a Yemen jail earlier today. The whole thing sounded like something out of an action flick. All of the prisoners seized armed guards while their posse of heavily armed back-up descended on the prison. These are some pretty serious guys as they were behind the failed airplane bombing in Detroit two years ago and they tried to bomb US cargo flights as well.

No reaction yet from Obama, so we don’t know if there’s a plan in place to go get these fugitives. But we hope this isn’t just the first part of some larger scheme. Or maybe we’ve just watched too many episodes of 24.

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  • Petri

    These losers don’t scare me. Anyone so consumed with hate and anger will eventually self destruct. If they don’t want to become fish food like Bin laden they’ll know to leave the USA alone and get real freaking lives. Idiots!!!!

  • Teyana

    Ur dumb petri. Its actually the us botherin them. Um dont u know wat ronald reagan did? U cant go & invade ppls countries & not expect some sort of retaliation in return. Its no secret that america is a bully. But ofcourse anythin the media puts out u dumb f*cks will believe it… Idiots. WAKE UP

  • Lil'bitt

    Amen Teyana . A-f.ckin-men !

  • yeah right!

    @Teyana..Ur dumb! USA bullies, but everyone wants us for allies! Ronald Reagan did more damage in the USA than he did in any other country! I guess you don’t understand what WAR really is. Of course there is going to be retaliation, from everyone! I hope your not from the USA. All the crap your talking, carry ya azz to another country then! There are plenty more who want to take your place!

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