Joe Budden Spotted With Model Yaris Sanchez, Did He Upgrade From Esther Baxter?

- By Bossip Staff

Joe Budden made headlines in May after releasing “Ordinary Love Pt. 3 [Closure]” airing out the dirty laundry about his relationship with video model Esther Baxter. Since then the two have gone back and forth with accusations of domestic violence, pictures of a reported miscarriage and claims that the model was unfaithful while pregnant with Budden’s child.

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  • Nana

    y’all know how this would end right??……>physical abuse, dirty laundry aired on twitter and on to the NEXT HO….! And he aint even that cute

  • Teyana

    Thats why dumb boys like this one end up broke cuz yall mess wit girls who care nothin for u but ur wallet. I get boinkin a ho.. but wifin her?? Gettin her pregnant?? Omg.. Yall r dumb. Maybe u shud listen to bel biv devoe poisonnnnnn puh puh puh poison.

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