When Rappers Act: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly!

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For years, rappers have been part of the mainstream society, with dolls, endorsements and movie roles being a part of their multi-faceted stardom. When it comes to acting, rappers are flooding Hollywood with their attempts at a post-rap career.

Some are great at it…others not so much.

The Good – Mos Def –He’s had some great roles, from his part in Bamboozled to his portrayal of Chuck Berry in Cadillac Records. The Mighty Mos has the acting game on lock.

The Good – Will Smith – As if you didn’t know…Willy went from comedy rapper to comedy actor to the highest-paid actor in the game right now. Not too shabby.

The Good – LL Cool J – LL has been acting for a long time, finding a nice career since his rap gig started dwindling. Now he’s got his own cop show. He won’t ever win an award for his acting, but he’s definitely solid.

The Good – Mark Wahlberg – Forgot he rapped, didn’t you? Marky Mark has put his embarrassing rap career behind him to take over Hollywood. He even killed the comedy genre with the hilarious The Other Guys flick.

The Good – Ludacris – Luda did a good job in Crash and an even better job in Hustle And Flow. He doesn’t try anything fancy, but he does his job well.

The Good – Common – He had a rocky start, acting and sounding like he was reading a phone book. But after Just Wright, we gained some faith in his acting ability.

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    The Good – Eminem – Granted, all he did was play himself, but he did a good job of it. He knows his limits and stuck to the script. Plus he fake banged Brittany Murphy, which was awesome.

    The Good – Queen Latifah – From Living Single to Chicago and Set It Off, the queen has ruled over Hollywood. She’s possibly the most accomplished rap actor behind Will Smith.

    The Good – Method Man – Meth always plays a convincingly intimidating character. He was great in The Wire in his smaller role and made Belly half-decent.

    The Bad – Ice Cube – He plays the same character every movie! He scowls on his porch. He scowls at the barber shop. He scowls in Baghdad. Same ol’ same ol.

    The Bad – Snoop – Like Cube, he basically plays himself every movie. It’s funny, but he just rolls one up and shows up on the set. Easy money.

    The Bad – DMX – If you put in Romeo Must Die and Exit Wounds and watched X act, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the two movies. He just growls and barks every scene.

    The Bad – Ja Rule – Just like X, Ja Rule just does the same growling crap every movie. Maybe he’ll take acting lessons in the clink.

    The Bad – Ice T – He’s consistently the worst actor in all of television. The guy that rapped about being a cop killer is now playing the most unconvincing cop in all of the world.

    The Bad – 50 Cent – He couldn’t even play himself that well in Get Rich Or Die Tryin’. Now, he’s trying to get skinny and even got rid of his tattoos so he can star in more straight to DVD releases that will be in the Wal-Mart $5.99 bin in no time.

    The Ugly – The Game – Have you seen Belly 2?! Game’s momma should smack the sh*t out of him for that crappy movie. Good Lord…it was worse than his latest batch of songs.

    The Ugly – Beanie Sigel – State Property is one of the worst movies ever made. And Beanie really thought he was acting in the second coming of Scarface or something. Not quite, Broad Street Bully.

    The Ugly – Cam’Ron – Killa Cam’s Paid In Full is a great comedy. Unfortunately, he didn’t think it was a comedy. Cam should stick to his day job.

    The Ugly – Vanilla Ice – Do yourself a favor in life: go find this movie and watch Vanilla Ice try to act. It’s hard to believe that America used to love this guy.

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    • Tony

      Come on son! LL is definitely not better than cube.

    • Lil'bitt

      Im tryna tell yu , IceCube wayyy better than LL

    • BOOGIE

      WHAT???? Cube has played all kinds of roles frm thug (boys in the hood) to loving family man stop it!!! You said gave Luda props for staying in his acting lane then turn and say Cube plays the same people???

    • Nechelle

      I definitely do not agree with Ice Cube and Ice T, both are good actors. And also T.I. didnt even make the list and he was Horrible in Takers.

    • tyra

      What about master p, the absolute worst.

    • missfree

      Wait a min!!! Maybe its just me but I liked Paid In Full..

    • Jenay C.

      What happened to Bow Wow???

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