Rumor Control: No Way In Hell Did O.J. Confess To Anyone That He Committed Those Murders

- By Bossip Staff

Remember how Oprah said she wanted an O.J. confession? Yeah, that’s never happening.

The National Enquirer of all people reported that O.J. had confessed to Oprah’s people that he killed Nicole in self-defense more than 15 years ago. That story had more holes in it than…well…nevermind. Oprah’s people were quick to chime in and let the world know that O.J. didn’t, in fact, confess. A Harpo representative said, simply, the rumors are “not true”.

It looks like we’ll never get that confession. We’re back on the lookout for the real killers then.

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  • loc

    Yea im with u sonny it had to be two people i think his son did it and he helped him cover it up.

  • okay...

    Dumb yes…. However, money can accomplish alot. At the time he wasn’t struggling as he is now. He coulda paid enough to get rid of them. But…. Oj did it… Whether he cut those people or not. Johnny cochran ain’t no joke rest his soul.

  • gina

    He did it and he had help! Dude you could have gotten away with killing your beckster, but you did something nobody in American gets away with ..killing a Jew. Yacksters fall back….check the facts!

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