EFF What Ya Heard… D-Wade Still Loves Him Some Gabbykins

- By Bossip Staff

He may have lost an NBA Championship but Dwyane Wade still has his girl! Contrary to rumors earlier this week that the couple had split, a reliable source tells BOSSIP that Gabrielle Union and her Miami Heat boyfriend are still very much an item.

According to our source:

They are together and very happy, she is filming her 2nd of 3 movies this summer which is why she’s not in Europe with him. And they are going on vacation next week together.

Wade is currently in Milan attending Fashion Week events there. So there you have it. As many Break-A-Union jokes as we’ve made — it’s now clear as day that Wade’s ex is cray. It is good to hear that they are still together and you know we are looking forward to some vacay pics next week!

Speaking of pictures, check out a few of the happy couple over the years:

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  • Genoacityfan


  • Kutta Mo.Fo.

    Here comes the damage control. And just WTF does Siovaughn have to do with this? I’m smart enough to know there’s THREE sides to every story: his, hers and the truth. I don’t recall nobody trying to have a sit-down with Siovaughn and get her side of the story. I’m not about to just take his word for it (Kinda makes you wonder, why won’t D-Wade let her talk and tell her side?). So until that happens, Gabby ‘Break A’ Union woukd be about right.

  • King Beef

    Gabrielle is so beautiful to me. If I was Wade I would wife her up and have as many babies as she can take. Just my opinion.

  • freeze 135

    Big deal

  • Nola girl

    Why is it that dwyane is gettn so much praise for what . Theres two side to every story .

  • http://bossip.com adina

    Gabby skin is so beautiful I wonder what’s she using she looks so fab

  • deanna

    Actually in person she is prone to break outs. When I seen her recently in ATL she had some minor bumps which I was quite surprised about since she is the face for nutrogena and they have an acne line. I also thought she was quite plain in person I think she photographs beautifully though. No hate.

  • Teyana

    D is a cutie nothin like a brown skin couple. His lips r juicy

  • frankie

    Why doesn’t he marry her, what is he waiting for. Gabby should really get a ring on it since she has been through so much aggravation with him and his ex. He may feel guilty about how he took his boys from their mom and doesn’t want them to think he is trying to replace her with Gabby. Wade seems like a caring brothe and marriage is not on his agenda. His little dudes come 1st.

  • Y'all Wilson

    Gabby makes his baby mama look like a wildebeest

  • gina

    Wade you shady too……Nannies, grannies, and miscellaneous folks raising those boys! You blew up and traded your ride or die wifey for Gabby….” not interested in babies or step mama status”. Yea it blew her mind and she did dumb stuff thats what jolted people do. Gabby is a career girl marriage and babies are. ” a inconvenience”.

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